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My impression of the way we do the anthem in Canada is really different than the way Americans do the pledge.

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Samuk 23.05.2018
This is a dreadful performance by Lebron and the Cavs. No energy, no hustle, no fight. We all knew they were going to lose, but to lose in this manner? SMH
Yozshugis 29.05.2018
Not Christendom. Western world secular societies arose as people started throwing off the shackles of the church.
Shaktikinos 03.06.2018
Lol: "Trump's" economy in 2017 was really Obama's.
Gonris 13.06.2018
rather like your ridiculous statements. Go read another Harry Potter fiction novel. That is much more your speed.
Daibar 22.06.2018
A true Christian would certainly object to the way the US treats illegal immigrants.
Mele 25.06.2018
poor puppy :-(
Grotilar 05.07.2018
T90R - One thing you can bet is the fact that I am not scared of one woman - nor am I scared of anyone. I am fearful of the slow creep of political systems which are detrimental to individual freedoms; systems which have proven to be nothing but ultimate failures.
Akinozilkree 12.07.2018
Must be nice not having to be forced into sex and be sexually harassed by a scuzzbucket just so you can keep or find a job, eh? I bet you wouldn't say the same if it was your mom or daughter under him in similar circumstances.
JoJojinn 12.07.2018
seems you are trolling today? do you have a point?
Nilar 19.07.2018
I go with the Bible for some pretty amazing knowledge (or revelation, even if it were revealed as a dream or vision):
Brakus 20.07.2018
I'm quite sure. Nothing in the passage quoted suggests it's right to beat one's slave. What it says is that if one beats one's slave and he dies, then punishment will ensue - a deterrent to a wise master from beating his slaves at all. This is set in the context of a general culture where a slave was the absolute property of his master, and homicide of a slave would go entirely unpunished - no legal code existing in the world at that time safeguarded a slave, except the Mosaic law.
Shakar 30.07.2018
It's your responsibility to support your arguments. Not my fault you can't understand this.
Babar 05.08.2018
Well, you said that one of the issues is that Islam as a form of Theocratic government is violent and dangerous, and I agree. If your intent is not to find a way to change that form of government again I am not sure what your purpose is.
Grogami 08.08.2018
It is about preserving
Kak 17.08.2018
A specific example would be that abusive people tend to have abusive children.
Naramar 18.08.2018
Karl Popper recanted this. See my post below.
Voodoot 28.08.2018
That dude wasn?t resisting anything.
Tegrel 03.09.2018
Instant idiot. Just add water.
Mikagal 11.09.2018
Lol jesus christ, you are the one who indicated it was a fireable offense in the first comment that you wrote . You then proceeded to note the instances when racism is illegal.. Now, you're trying to be a switchbaiter. When you publicize a racist viewpoint, it is POSSIBLE that those viewpoints can alter how you treat patrons or employees that are of said race that you hold a negative bias toward which is grounds for dismissal in most companies per their employee handbook. Particularly because it makes them susceptible to lawsuits. Are you tired from all that mileage you clocked or did you ride the shortbus to get to the conclusion you grasped from straws? Either way, I don't have time to run in circles with you anymore. Gooood day.
Shaktilkree 16.09.2018
Not everyone's values are for sale though .
Moogugis 21.09.2018
so name the factory that CAME BACK.
Mek 28.09.2018
Oh, I'm all sorts of patient with ignorant religious zealots who proclaim that their god is in my life, despite them being unable to show this god. I've lived my whole life without your god in it, so why would I need him now?
Fenrill 08.10.2018
Are you saying science cannot observe phenomena, and use those observations to formulate theories that are able to predict outcomes? If so, we are not talking in mutually exclusive circles....we are not even drawing on the same page.
Vojora 08.10.2018
Holy fvck...im doing laundrey. I have no idea what I'm doing or how to spell it.
Taukazahn 19.10.2018
Widespread blow back too. Eg.McConnell and Pelosi.
Nacage 23.10.2018
...but did you get pregnant while on three forms of......oh never mind.
Moogutilar 01.11.2018
He didn't say "the Biblical Jesus." He said "a historical Jesus." Pay attention.
Malajinn 08.11.2018
Trump not knowing he is Pres of US Virgin Islands is probably more ignorant


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