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To be a spokesman for conservative patties, it is almost a staple that one must be a Christian, especially in the United states.

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Francy so hard puonded
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Shaktisar 03.05.2018
I had a feeling.
Fenrigore 06.05.2018
Quit lying. I don't really care.
Yojas 16.05.2018
That?s your opinion
Vukazahn 21.05.2018
Party?s. I?m sure he wasn?t backing trump in the primary
Majinn 26.05.2018
because I can. u red it and I don't kair oh and I do wish not 2 capitolize or spell proper what is satunz Oh yeah
Gajora 30.05.2018
Yup he has been hurting financially and can?t negotiate a good deal to save his life
Tocage 03.06.2018
You recommended segregation. Be honest about what you're discussing.
Karr 12.06.2018
I see no connection. SO youre saying fields fled...ON foot....and that getting in the car was a part of fleeing? LOL Taffy doesnt even stretch ike that!
Vorg 19.06.2018
The C-104 was phased out decades ago. Only one of my classmates ever flew the thing and he quickly rotated out to a squadron flying Voodoos.
Zulushakar 27.06.2018
Who knows what goes on behind closed doors. Your nice/nasty ratio could turn out being the other way around...
Shaktir 30.06.2018
Lol! I'd say thanks, but you still aren't getting any. Check please!
Kagagal 05.07.2018
We've already had this discussion. That is a question of semantics, and how we describe something.
Zurr 15.07.2018
Courtroom. Seen one lately? Two sides using the known facts to suggest they are right. Both aren't right. Follow? There's only one truth, but both lawyers present their side as a truth.
Mikasar 18.07.2018
It's the religion channel, not the "Prove God Channel".
Zolokasa 19.07.2018
I agree. And I also agree that this has been a problem since before Trump, Obama or Bush.
Samurisar 28.07.2018
30 year old guy walking around followed by only men preaching. Ok.
Yozshull 08.08.2018
Seriously. Teachers will behave as teachers. And I have lots of stories.
Gorg 11.08.2018
What is this "come on, man?"
Vuzshura 13.08.2018
Thus the universe isn't fine tuned.


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