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Film six young girl
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Bam 30.07.2018
Your definition of "fundamentalist" seems to be really squishy. How is it not just a snarl word again?
Kagakora 01.08.2018
Slather you in butter and throw you on a rotisserie.
Tygosho 07.08.2018
Except for the fact that it isn't flawed. Atheism isn't a world view.
Fenrigore 15.08.2018
Well you can start by showing us Christianity in the Constitution.
Tubei 24.08.2018
I gotcha, now that you've explained. But in this case, it was not the dollar amount spent, it was the intentions behind it. You can't be telling me problems about paying necessary bills, like energy etc, and be scrambling to come up with it after you spent it on impressing the Joneses across the street. You can't tell me you're family oriented if I see you leaning on your parents for help, as a direct result of your choices. If you can't do it for yourself, by yourself, then you surely can't be responsible for a family.
Maulrajas 31.08.2018
David Ulansey (the author from the link you included) even indicates the notion of Mithra being born from a rock (or at least that this was the tradition. He wrote on that same page that you cited: "But caves are precisely hollows within the rocky earth, which suggests that the rock from which Mithras is born is meant to represent the Mithraic cave as seen from the outside."
Shaktill 08.09.2018
Wouldn?t they have to be perfectly evolved in order for evolution to end?
Mezizahn 17.09.2018
There's a country as its government and a country as its populace and their mores.
Gujin 27.09.2018
A guy just posted a long story about how lightning proves that God isn't necessary. When will they try to understand what science can and can't do?
Junris 07.10.2018
Are you sure that it is not suppose to be Mary Magdalene?
Kigarg 16.10.2018
I don't know very many atheists, or really any at all, that were "converted" because evolution is a fact.
Tuzuru 24.10.2018
Golf clap. We have had a run of "disability" cases cashing in on SS. Become a cottage industry.
Tygot 02.11.2018
That's the stock response to obvious stupidity on the part of this god.
Meztishura 06.11.2018
Moving on then. If you see marriage as a way to protect a relationship, then any two consenting adults should be permitted to marry. Why would it not be a right?
Dabei 09.11.2018
Where are those limitations to be found in the Constitution?
Zulukasa 12.11.2018
You can't read or can't hear?
Arashizilkree 21.11.2018
Seriously. It's not an excuse to harass people, so don't try to use it as one.-also this as stated people will LET you know if they are open to it
Faugar 22.11.2018
Extremely well....and you?
Kazilabar 01.12.2018
What ya gonna do in Buffalo? Shouting out his name? What would you shout then? Bills? Billy? LMAO
Dilrajas 10.12.2018
The problem with people like YOU is.....


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