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Ummm, you're just telling me you never had much of a science or math education, if you're not familiar with the concept of extrapolation.

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Famous sex full tape
Famous sex full tape
Famous sex full tape
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Faegami 31.07.2018
He is now claiming I am attacking him for pointing out basic stuff he does not know. It is amusing,.
Mautaur 05.08.2018
No homosexual can be a Christian. Matthew 12:50
Moll 16.08.2018
A note for you to consider; "God is not a Him, nor a Her" that equates God as being a relative being, a Temporal structured being with a gender like most animals have. God does not 'exist' within our petty Universe, God is the Universe and this Universe and all others, reside 'within' God, and what 'is' has God within it, there is no possible separation from our Source and our Being.
Shajora 17.08.2018
The latest mass murder in Canada (toronto vehicular mass murderer) was a white male who was incel (involuntarily celibate).
Douran 19.08.2018
Golly. Those unfair scientists don't want superstition to play a role in their research.
Faetaur 23.08.2018
Oh really? Awesome!
Baran 29.08.2018
How can i blame if im dead? Lol
Shakara 30.08.2018
I keep saying it and it proves true. You can't fix stupid. Did you know that there was ZERO corruption in the Obama Admin? Yesirree Bob, nothing.
Ninris 09.09.2018
There actually is evidence of quite a few people named Jesus at the time. The biblical stories can be a mix of several actual persons.
Maushakar 13.09.2018
Questions like these are the biggest self-condemnations of religion you can get.
Fell 16.09.2018
*Chris Farley voice* Down by the river!
Nikohn 22.09.2018
AND I think the "and you're gonna be there" part is hilarious. Wonder what else she's going to insist he does with this dude....
Mazuzahn 23.09.2018
another preacher who wants everyone to conform to their lifestyle.
Mazusar 27.09.2018
So Jesus didn't have to die?
Doucage 05.10.2018
I think the big thing that I've taken from pro-lifers (who aren't really pro-life, but that's besides the point) is this:
Gror 10.10.2018
And I'd take issue with that as well... again, I can't speak on the specific case you mention, as I'm not familiar with it... But to say that cops as a whole are running into things gun blazing (or even guns out) as a norm isn't accurate by a long shot...Its quite uncommon to remove your weapon from your holster outside of training...
Doukus 11.10.2018
This has to be one of the stupidest posts ever penned about Charlottesville.
Maugor 21.10.2018
It doesn't outlaw religion, Mary, but you know that.
Tauzil 21.10.2018
Yes That is what I have been trying to say.
Vugis 24.10.2018
An atheist would be hedonist because life is limited, there is no justice, and pleasure is the greatest calling.
Vikasa 24.10.2018
Shocker a liberal hardly working
Goramar 01.11.2018
LOL an anarchist. Gotta love you guys.
Kazinos 02.11.2018
"Romantic Love" can really mess with the brain chemistry, although for her to be affected after just one date is unlikely, perhaps less so if the date included sex.
Garisar 05.11.2018
It's a mystery, but it happens. You can only find this out for yourself however - it's not something that can be demonstrated (as far as I can tell). Billions of us have reported it. I know it directly.
Fele 15.11.2018
They probably wrongly assume you will be difficult like so many others who come in there. Me? I take out my own catheter...
Malagul 17.11.2018
He was religious? I didn?t know that... hmmm
Malashakar 25.11.2018
"Wait until my fantasy of a dystopian future comes true then you'll see!"
Nikozil 01.12.2018
Shaking My Fvcking Head
Mezizahn 03.12.2018
No, it isn't. Again, just because you manage to find a bright spot after suffering doesn't mean suffering is good.
Kaktilar 06.12.2018
A ninja with a skirt
Kazralkree 13.12.2018
And you can pay for that choice with your own life, either by capital punishment or life in prison.
Tesida 20.12.2018
"on the backs of employees who are barely surviving"
Shakabei 29.12.2018
I loved 'flip phones' it was so easy to use, just flip the lid and was ready to use.
Dira 03.01.2019
Why would one, as a god with the intent of creating life, create a planet that was initially poisonous to that life?


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