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The Pope is a joke.

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Driver overview teen graduated driver
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Zolojar 31.08.2018
Sounds like you are a complete moron who doesn't understand most of the words you use.
Mazukora 06.09.2018
Doulkree 08.09.2018
You keep drawing me back in with comments. I long ago stopped bothering with your intolerant drivel.
Milar 17.09.2018
Lmao, omg this gif..
Mumuro 19.09.2018
In binary, there is no 2 or 4, if I recall. Just 0 and 1.
Samulrajas 24.09.2018
I did not see a comment where anyone stated what you are claiming.
Kagakazahn 05.10.2018
..they consider each species a star within a galaxy. Each galaxy is separate, no intermediates and all life is almost identical genetically to each...within their group
Kizil 10.10.2018
Leftist snowflake crybaby rollercoaster over here...so watch it. You won?t like me when I?m triggered.
Kadal 19.10.2018
No, sorry -- was just trying to help.
Mikagami 21.10.2018
doubt she knew what?
Vigis 01.11.2018
Are the dogs gay?
Moogujas 04.11.2018
trap in sex position... very hot with muscle man oil ass!
Tygodal 06.11.2018
I bet you think this song is about youth? I always mess up lyrics..
Nishakar 09.11.2018
Let's not forget, the only thing that prevents gun crime is MORE GUNZ!!!!
Malagar 15.11.2018
You asked for it. Not me. I didn't vote for this circus.
Faezilkree 24.11.2018
I got interested in the question because of a quote from James Randi, who said that Nazareth did not exist at the time of Jesus, and did some further reading.
Kat 26.11.2018
Do you blame the parents that put their children in that situation? They are the true abusers. Would you put your kids in a dangerous position?
Groshicage 27.11.2018
Love that man Soc! We could have confused each other; a beautiful relaionship. :D
Kagrel 30.11.2018
Lol true. Sigh, thinking about 2004 LiLo makes me sad when I think about her now.
Tygole 07.12.2018
From 312 AD on, once Christianity was recognized as the official religion of the Roman State? Christians started out persecuting Pagans. They butchered and slaughtered Pagans, even Pagan children who would be found playing with statutes of Pagan gods like a doll.
Didal 11.12.2018
I think it is encased in shatter proof glass now. ?? ??
Meshura 13.12.2018
Don't feel like feeding the dogs? -text the kid to do it
Gacage 15.12.2018
I can't agree on this one.
Vishicage 15.12.2018
If you have valid scientific evidence that falsifies the age of the earth, post it.
Zulkilar 25.12.2018
Does Maxine represent the 43rd district?
Mooguzshura 03.01.2019
Niel degrasse tyson has a wonderful quote. I'll let you find it, it concerns the nature of skeptics and deniers in the face of evidence.
Moogushicage 09.01.2019
?? Say what
Akizil 19.01.2019
Why? Are you saying that if salvation is to be found, the universe must punish vice and reward virtue?
Gulmaran 23.01.2019
Honestly, just fry the bread crumbs and leave the okra out and I would be cool with that. Oh wait, they already do that, it's called a Hush Puppy and they are amazing (ly fattening).
Grogar 30.01.2019
Sodomy laws? Yes. Your point?
Mikagor 07.02.2019
I don't presume to know the source of diversity in canine/feline species, but what I do know is that there is no evidence that shows they evolved from a completely different family of species.
Gardagar 14.02.2019
Many of our main holidays - including federal ones - are Christian in origin.
Sazragore 21.02.2019
So you never checked into it to see if it was a sin, you just took their word for it, and as a non-believer you believe that. It was wrong of them to tell you that and it is wrong of you to stereotype


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