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But kids need to know not everything is equal. As is life, you just have to deal with loss of power and fairness at times. I think it may be harder with boys to not feel powerless in a super-hero fueled immature generation.

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Dishicage 25.08.2018
Hi there - do you embrace the idea that a targeted entity will choose to pay monies, in this case a lawsuit settlement, to "pay off" their accusers even if they are innocent? Thanks.
Moogura 03.09.2018
What is that?
Gusar 12.09.2018
"If they lose business (and its likely)"
Vurg 20.09.2018
Also, I don't know if it was dealt with but a user named Tim O'keefe or something like that sent me a very inappropriate gif. I reported it but I don't know if it was dealt with.


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