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Brit Michelle comes to US to get fucked

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Did Alexander the Great write about things that we don't believe are possible, like coming back from the dead? If he just wrote about finding amazing animals and going on a conquest to other lands then that's pretty believable. Zombies are not. Or are all claims equal in your eyes?

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Kesida 25.07.2018
"If If Jesus didn't exist, Paul couldn't have known his brother."
Yozshurn 29.07.2018
The lamb, the "good shepherd", that was Mithra. Was the most popular resurrection deity at the time. The Pope's outfit, the long robe and mitred hat... priests of Mithra wore the same.
Dokus 05.08.2018
Another bullshit yoke around the neck of the country.
Goran 14.08.2018
Not necessarily a fallacy. Experience is enough to form a justified true belief. If they say ?this is an absolute universal fact and the proof is my experience? then that would be a fallacy. Most of what we believe about the world around us comes from personal experience.
Zugis 20.08.2018
When it is setting record after record related to GDP yes it has been an issue.
Vuzilkree 24.08.2018
But they are not good tricks. I mean, the only way they can pull them off is with the audience to be part of the trick. if that's the case, then there is not trick. It's all just an act, with no real skill, just one big setup for the camera. Nothing special about that.
Grojinn 29.08.2018
Fair enough. Stick to your guns. I choose knowledge over ignorance.
Shatilar 08.09.2018
Fact of reality= Every spot in OT where GOD or LORD all capitols the tetragrammoton is in Hebrew= YHWH(Jehovah)--nearly 6800 spots was removed by wicked men. God put his name there because he wants it there. When it was put back by the ones who loved God enough to do so was condemned by the rest of the Christian world. Even though its all fact above.
Dugal 18.09.2018
"can you please define specific metrics as to what "agreeing with the founders" means?" - posted by JusrinnWyatt
Nekinos 28.09.2018
So, the Christians that do that are liars.
Mikagore 30.09.2018
Religion is a key aspect among the uneducated. As societies evolve and become more capable, educated and savvy, religion wanes.
Daitaur 09.10.2018
Hoping for happy test results.
Meztitaur 12.10.2018
Yes. "Containing nothing". "Void". Also "Empty". Contest has as much or more to the meaning as the words.
Talabar 16.10.2018
Computers are helpful,
Zolor 20.10.2018
Alabama has 4/5 abortion clinics and private procedures. It has a near identical law to Germany. If you can not tale a pill, it has to be done by a physican.
Mikakasa 28.10.2018
Morality comes from us? OK...Fair enough. But who is "us"?
Fenrigis 06.11.2018
What you believe your "truth" to be is irrelevant to me. You will refrain from the anti-Semite white supremacy crap... or you can be removed. Period.
Tulmaran 14.11.2018
So you assume. Its been dead for a few years. Lets try and uncover real observable facts. Genetics is new science geh. Its why your biologists are giving up on natural selection as the go all. New synthesis is drastic
Samujar 18.11.2018
Yes, and it is the word of God, just as much as the New Testament is.
Akile 28.11.2018
Shut your ignorant cockhole, you weak minded fuck. 60 percent of undocumented aliens aren't "illegal" you fucking moron. You come when I call and make homo and yo mama insults. That is the extent of your posting privileges, you piece of shit.
Migore 03.12.2018
lots of relationships with one nice person, one nasty person are usually a person who wants a protector/bully to get things done, and do the dirty work. i agree with miss sass. when you scratch the surface, the "nice" one will often reveal them selves to be pretty nasty as well. the nice is just skin deep.
Vokasa 08.12.2018
We're talking about selling into slavery, not for food. In fact, see that bit of Exodus I have linked, it's pretty clear from context.
Tygoshakar 15.12.2018
Lol you sure do crack yourself up! You crack me up too. If you don?t get the logical deduction that you have a heretical interpretation, there may be no hope. You stated that the Catholic Church has an ?incorrect? interpretation of John 19:27. That implies that you must have the ?correct? interpretation of that verse. Except you?re a heretical Protestant and you have no authority to deem any interpretation ?incorrect? or ?correct? for that matter. You have no authority.
Tauzragore 25.12.2018
Scientism is an ideological fallacy. Yours is in your functional illiteracy and your own negative halluncinatory fallacy. Since Therapeutic and Transpersonal Psychology corroborate the Historical Sociology of Judeo-Christian prophets and their ethics, the coherence, consistency, and persistence of their psychological and sociocultural fabric, and the Anthropology of Shamanism, it is your own fallacies you should be paying attention to. Personality cults around Nietzsche are typical of tribal behavior, however. That makes a nice fallacy of its own. And it?s all yours!
Sajora 30.12.2018
People don't seem to know that Hasidic Jewish communities here in the US have had such 'religious courts' for years with many of the same Abrahamic rules being enforced.
Brat 01.01.2019
Smoking, indirect or rotisserie?
Kigarn 07.01.2019
Do you, by chance hang out a lot at some of the more ....less civil ...left leaning sites?
Taktilar 14.01.2019
Atheists not only have to deal with the general public, but it's pretty tough explaining to their own family; most of whom are probably religious.
Tajora 22.01.2019
I'm black... where the hell are these polls they always push out? Why has no one in my family or anyone that I know taken these so called polls? Cause honestly I don't give a damn about illegal immigrants. I'm very vocal about the biggest illegal immigrants being europeans that slaughtered the natives.
Kazilkis 25.01.2019
If god made us, don't you think He has a little more right over us? He is the author of humanity.
Akijind 26.01.2019
So much hate between everyone these days that I fear for the future.


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