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Bang gang ghosts from the past

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Pervert horny grandpa pee, wank & orgasm...

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Oh yeah... you mean the tablets that mysteriously disappeared with the Ark of the Covenant, sort of like the tablets given to John Smith (of the Latter Day Saints) by the angel Moroni?

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Bang gang ghosts from the past
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Mak 24.06.2018
"no amount of wasting time and resources"
Nakus 02.07.2018
Thanks James, and it is sad that they had to waste their time for something so obvious.
Mojora 08.07.2018
What do you expect from Fox News?
Mezigrel 18.07.2018
Good luck and hugs SR. New hours sound great for sleeping in. SO better appreciate.
Gardarisar 23.07.2018
Lololol right maybe I should lock my doors
Akinojin 28.07.2018
The two were conflated by the time Genesis was written, just as El Elyon later came to be regarded as YHWH.
Kasar 30.07.2018
1) Definitely not
Dushicage 03.08.2018
You haven't engaged in debate - you just keeping making the same unsupported accusations over and over. Find some facts and figures, post them and tell me why they support the idea that the Trump economy is an improvement over the Obama economy. Then we can have a debate. You can't be bored with something you've yet to do.
Maum 08.08.2018
Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman is the only natural sex, and it is for the sole purpose of creating children. If a person is too cowardly to continue on that life choice of having children, they should abstain from sexual intercourse altogether and stop pretending they know what they're doing.
Kakus 16.08.2018
Islam of course. The others are relatively harmless nowadays.
Shakasho 20.08.2018
As a religious guy myself, I really wish the OP would come to realize how his rhetoric is poisonous to the very cause he is advocating.


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