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Do as you like, he is trolling at this point. Its pretty clear what he did.

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Z sex stories post
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Yotaur 22.07.2018
Wow. I'm impressed you can cite bullshit sources made up by Islamophobes.
Meztilkis 26.07.2018
Yes dear. Yes dear. What did you say dear?
Dotaxe 01.08.2018
Sure I do
Mulkis 06.08.2018
And we are still discussing the typo. Okay. You don't have any arguments, I get it.
JoJosida 14.08.2018
Reading is hard? Symptom?
Yozshushicage 24.08.2018
Off topic but i remember years ago hearing about a really young and pretty teacher getting caught having sex with her 13 year old student. Her lawyer actually said something to the effect of "shes too pretty to go to jail." She only got probation and I don't even think she had to register as a sex offender. But that case always pissed me off.
Salabar 03.09.2018
A court found that it is plainly true and there is nothing for liberals to say to justify it.
Zulkidal 12.09.2018
Trump will serve out his term.
Nakree 13.09.2018
But homophobia would mean fear of the same.
Yozshunos 21.09.2018
Yes, that's what Suzan Mazur wrote in her book
Shaktishura 01.10.2018
My favorite proof is how God managed to communicate to all mankind from the very beginning exactly what he expected from us. Clear precise instructions so we can all live according to his will, and save our immortal souls.
Keshakar 03.10.2018
Everyday that we can wipe our ass with a European is MAGA
Moogukazahn 11.10.2018
If he knows the outcome before he?s begun, what is the purpose of running the trial?
Doukasa 19.10.2018
OK, will try once more.
Faehn 22.10.2018
Your own private (
Mazuzuru 28.10.2018
Well, thanks for your graciousness! Now I feel a little bad for being a bit hostile.
Yosho 06.11.2018
Because their lives didn't intersect. Hitler never met Churchill in the flesh: but they were both in the same hotel at one point.
Nejora 14.11.2018
What theory am I supposed to have?


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