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By 2050? Quite possibly not.

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Young girl sex picture galleries
Young girl sex picture galleries
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Felkree 01.07.2018
Nothing bad will happen??
Akinogis 10.07.2018
Funny jokes don't have to be explained lol
Akijin 11.07.2018
Natural by who?s standards? Killing a human baby is also natural to many?
Shabei 15.07.2018
Fine. Please explain why? I know there are near infinite possible scenarios but I went with IMVHO the most likely.
Faele 24.07.2018
On the evolution of humanity:
Yoshicage 25.07.2018
This is in reply to Ravana's statement below. (Not active? Must be blocking me or something)
Nikojora 31.07.2018
It's always nice to be thought of. :)
Kagajin 03.08.2018
Just pointing out you have no sense of humour.
Ducage 10.08.2018
"And how does awareness shine through the mind? What are we aware of that isn't part of our own mind?"
Felabar 16.08.2018
A massive movement - any massive movement - attracts all kinds of nutjobs, fanatics and idiots. If you want to judge a movement by its followers - tell me what's your faith and I am willing to bet that I would find plenty of particularly nasty humans following it.
Tojall 25.08.2018
You mean you know it can happen in a lab with deliberately chosen materials and a controlled environment.
Yot 02.09.2018
I can READ
Bajas 07.09.2018
That's good news for Doug Ford.
Zulumi 15.09.2018
Tell me a little about those gods. I may know them.
Darn 23.09.2018
You mean the god you cannot prove to exist. You mean the Satan you cannot prove to exist. You mean the claims which neither you nor your religion can prove up, but which you ejaculate like the two-bit fraud you are.
Volar 02.10.2018
Son is not known for having a logical point. Ever.
Akinorg 11.10.2018
LOL, he must be devastated. But I'm not sure he will accept his fate. He really seems into Trudeau.
Tygokus 19.10.2018
A law which prevents a person from the pursuit of their religion or forces them do do something agai st their religion is unconstitutional.
Yokazahn 26.10.2018
I can beat him
Dairg 03.11.2018
I already explained to you your implication. I'm not here to educate you.


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