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Young french amateur couple on nudist beach

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Slim Shemale Strokes Her Dick in Pleasure Until Cumshot

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Young french amateur couple on nudist beach
Young french amateur couple on nudist beach
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Thanks. I've only been saying that we have the *same* civil rights -- LGBT aren't asking for anything other than that.
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Quit bit ching. You lost. Get over it.
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... And so the literalists decided child sacrifice was totally justified by the New Testament! If God didn't want us attempting to ritually slaughter our children, he'd send more rams as alternatives!
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You're going to keep asking 'what is the cause', and then insisting that it must be your god, without ever even considering the explanation or analogy, right?
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Personally bothered, no, but I do wonder about it, obviously I would say.
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I have heard that a lot of that misogyny attributed to Paul, was either not written by Paul, or an interpolation (later addition) to one of his letters. At least that is what Bart Ehrman says.
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Do drink milk or chocolate drinks...
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