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Its what it what makes babies. I'm not proud of it. He was the only person from their district to make it back from the games alive.

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I am utterly offended.

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All сomments (34)
Kit 15.05.2018
But I guess it is ok for Sir Tainley to insult me huh? But not for me to respond to his insult. I get it. Double standards.
Groll 20.05.2018
They gave me Coke. Not Diet Coke, after they specifically asked "
Jubar 25.05.2018
Maybe sometimes, but I am skeptical. I grew up not even knowing what grits were - it was just a word I saw in some old books. I assumed it had something to do with potatoes, and possibly hog fat.
Moogushicage 29.05.2018
Your support of people like Trump and Ford are partisan.
Grokazahn 06.06.2018
Why is Trump persecuting this patriotic?
Tulkree 09.06.2018
OK, you keep believing that all the way to hell. I told you how to avoid hell, but you rejected it, so my job is done. BTW, no "most other Christians" to it. Those are like you CINO's (Christian In Name Only). And that doesn't do them one bit of good as far as avoiding going to hell. So, you'd better call out to Jesus to save you before it's too late.
Kazrami 18.06.2018
Kover has 5pts in 3 games total
Vilrajas 19.06.2018
Vulnerability. Unease. Intimidation. The fact that rape numbers are 50 times higher for women by men than men by women (or men).
Tygogul 25.06.2018
Yep, I was thinking that would make him feel all withered inside???? Unpleasant flashbacks to those sly suggestions.
Malalabar 30.06.2018
The tax is constant , but you support the ones that making gas (And Hydro) go up wildly !
Akinojas 02.07.2018
Pithy Wititude Region Rat.... Do you think when I was referring to the ignorant posting in a free country that I was referring too you??? Wow... Someone has a low self esteem!! But hey if you think stones can tell you the future, and trees speak to you with the knowledge of the universe.. And that statues answer prayers... Or speak back.... And that cutting yourself with a knife is not going to wind you up with some type of serious medical problem... How can anyone debate with a person like that???
Zulkik 09.07.2018
Exactly the recent revision of the message. Actually, Smith was much more academic about it, but the basic message without modern language was there. But then it was 1899. I remember you Hebrew teacher explaining the afgomen, say it was to keep the kids at the table and not running off to play video games, in 1st Century BCE Alexandria.
Meztishakar 19.07.2018
I feel like I never cause anyone to spiral out into their own crazed thread.
Zulkikinos 28.07.2018
I really don't have the best opinion of churches.
Narn 30.07.2018
"And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him." Hebrews 11:6
Faujin 01.08.2018
Quoting the bible means nothing LOL...
Tami 03.08.2018
Good luck getting rid of it.
Kigahn 13.08.2018
UGH Less Iron Man More Spider-Man!!! I saw homecoming last night... Just remembered...
Mamuro 23.08.2018
I guess Looney Nancy doesn't believe in equal, full rights for Christians.
Mikagor 25.08.2018
Didn't they teach you in cro-magnon school about sticks and stones?
Tojajinn 01.09.2018
That one is legit.
Shaktigor 02.09.2018
Taken out of context.
Volabar 08.09.2018
Those nutty baptists with signs "FAGS DIE GOD LAUGHS"
Mijora 13.09.2018
Who said they dated to the First Century? Not any archaeologists. It was lying Christians using the same method to date texts from 180- 190 CE at around 70 CE. No dice.
Vokora 17.09.2018
Well, that's what Jesus said to do: Tell the poor that they're poor because they're lazy.
Malazragore 23.09.2018
Do you agree that Antifa uses fascist tactics?
Shakazil 02.10.2018
I've read it and no, it's not valid evidence.
Dizahn 09.10.2018
Goliath had five brothers, dahhh and Saul fell on his own sword after being fatally wounded. dahh again. Twisting the Bible to say what you want doesn't get you anything except a ticket to hell. On this note, help yourself. Ezekiel 3:17-21 only requires me to warn you. Let your blood be on your own head.
Ferisar 11.10.2018
Some fan of Ivanka's might punch Ms.Bee in the mouth and apoligize...Sounds fair to me.
Vishakar 20.10.2018
Hey! This is the Religion channel; anything goes.
Tukora 29.10.2018
They can be. Someone could assert that it?s all true but it doesn?t matter anymore
Fek 07.11.2018
One could argue that.
Vukora 09.11.2018
I was wondering, because this thread is not anti-Obama, pro-Trump, and you are you.
Tygolkis 15.11.2018
Are you so dim that you don't know scientists exist?


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