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She wiped the tears off her face and walked to the door. I don't see why anyone would.

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As I said, your religions are all laughable.

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Mikalkis 26.07.2018
I somehow don't think you understood what it meant.
Mokora 01.08.2018
Who knows maybe you were kidnapped tied up
Mutaxe 10.08.2018
What's wrong with expressing your opinion about something you don't have sufficient knowledge on? It may irk you, but argumentation is a method of learning.
Dok 17.08.2018
Which really blows away this whole discussion.
Vudolar 26.08.2018
I have lots of good ideas.
Brarr 30.08.2018
do any of you own a Nespresso? i'm finally buying stuff for the house, and as we all know, I like my aesthetics... I need a sexy and compact coffee machine for other people. [i don't drink coffee]. was thinking of the Citiz, but want to know if it's worth it... or what are some alternatives?
Golar 05.09.2018
I never do anything too crazy. You will never have to worry about me like that. I don't mess around on the channels.
Kekus 15.09.2018
Answer the man's question.
Akinogrel 19.09.2018
Hot + humid + no breeze = swamp azz.
Meztizuru 25.09.2018
So you don't know wtf you're even talking about???
Mezizuru 29.09.2018
-only those who have been through the despair of clinical depression will be able to understand this-the utter hopelessness and despair-it is deeply internal and outside circumstances have zero effect-it is a deep and certain knowledge of the futility of life-it is the certainty that you are of no use, no value to anyone-your life is fake, a deflection from the fact that life has no meaning-it can happen to anyone, but often the most creative, the most questing and curious amongst us-sometime we quest too far-
Tojagis 02.10.2018
"...and your suicide enhances your legend."
Mazujinn 12.10.2018
What then, Rud? How does anyone make a point about anything?
Nikosho 14.10.2018
Now, on this I absolutely agree. Pineapple has no place on pizza.
Daikazahn 24.10.2018
So I suppose you would vote for Condoleezza Rice if she ran for president I know I would, she's black and she's a woman so what's your opinion on that?
Taugal 04.11.2018
No, you failed to make one. You agreed with me, that is all.
Arajar 07.11.2018
I would say that's a safe assumption
Mukasa 14.11.2018
Not the point? You link to an article about particles popping into and out of existence. You previously said quarks pop into and out of a vacuum...
Tolkis 21.11.2018
That is all it deserves.
Diran 29.11.2018
Everything is up for sale. It's the nature of the beast. So how much for the wife and children?
Mikagrel 08.12.2018
Of course that?s what he does. Proselytizing is expected and comes with a promise of a reward for those that do it.
Mazuk 09.12.2018
That is another good point.
Zulkilar 15.12.2018
Hahaha the 1999 incident you mean? Perhaps you are not aware of how the law works. In fact, under the Royal Prerogative, the government does not need any kind of parliamentary approval to go to war, they can do so at any time in the name of the Queen, and they don't need to ask her permission.
Kajizahn 19.12.2018
Omg, you're such a gangster. Show me your ways. I see a bug and I'm running out or almost dead.
Mezigar 27.12.2018
Story of my life?
Nikogis 03.01.2019
>>"Be in control of their government, of course."<<
Meztitaur 04.01.2019
"Not respecting that your own "intelligence", and the works flowing from it, are part and parcel of a continuum billions of years in the making, is just hubris."
Zologar 09.01.2019
It?s all in the New Testament... they believe it?s the word of God- so they won?t pick and choose what they believe in the NT- I even pointed out the in the book of acts , Steven was said to be under the Holy Spirit, but he was misquoting the tanach! Lolol know their answer to that? Karen, don?t be lazy and believe all these rabbis writing?? I said I looked up the scripture Steven was quoting and they were right!
Tygorr 14.01.2019
" You are now saying that morality is more subjective than it is objective." No, I asked you a question...one, you side stepped.
Dotilar 16.01.2019
The fed raises rates to help put the brakes on economy/inflation.
Tebar 25.01.2019
The OP isn't about anyone introducing creationism or God literally, just simply changing or replacing evolutionary theory with extended synthesis which they feel is more reflective of what we see in life.
Kigataur 01.02.2019
" I'm sure you feel that way because leftists love to project their own traits onto their opponents, but it isn't remotely true. Personality cults are pretty much exclusive to leftists, with a few minor exceptions."


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