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I started reading the daily Montreal Gazette when I was only 10, lol.

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Vorr 17.03.2018
You should be able to give some context for the verse you quoted. If I have no logic, the same argument can be applied to your position. Adios....https://
Shataxe 21.03.2018
"Or am I reaching?"
Kajora 28.03.2018
Just the ones that throw temper tantrums or make wild accusations based on fantasy sources. And I DO have contempt for journalism itself because the industry is corrupt with propagandists, and activists who masquerade as reporters. There are a few diamonds in the rough like Jamie Dupree, but there is a lot of rough and its fairly well littered with dung.
Sacage 04.04.2018
Goodbye Kath, you f^#cking c^#t!
Nikobar 09.04.2018
I might have to be careful with my accent then, wouldn't want the ladies to melt ??
Doudal 16.04.2018
She always a reason, and the punishment always fit the crime.
Nell 24.04.2018
You say all those nice things, and yet you support discrimination against gay people. Be honest with yourself. I know you won't be honest with me, but my opinion of you is less than your own shame.
Arar 02.05.2018
Do they take your kids if you jaywalk?
Dirisar 13.05.2018
Not irrelevant at all. The guys accusing others of crimes are facing jail, the guy accusing other Foundations of wrongdoing has his facing criminal charges, etc.
Jukinos 22.05.2018
Now, care to cite the law backing this up? Your opinion does not govern.
Samugore 28.05.2018
I don't see any ads.
Goltill 08.06.2018
Sadly it's not just religion to blame but pig ignorance. and a complete lack of understanding of the basics of medicine.
Tegul 09.06.2018
Go ahead, I will then explain again why you are wrong.
Mut 15.06.2018
The reboot was ok. I thought it was kind of silly that they made a big deal about Becky "giving away" their grandchild, because she was going to donate an egg to this couple, though.
Kazrazragore 17.06.2018
You still haven't exposed this "bad science" though.
Vizuru 20.06.2018
The hard part in the really old photos was standing straight for the whole time the photo was being exposed.
Gonris 24.06.2018
One claims ultimate legal authority. The other claims ultimate moral authority (we're not going to bring up the issue of its existence here). Do you not see the similarities?
Shakagrel 27.06.2018
Aww that's adorable.


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