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LOL really? what is the truth? Please counter what I said with it.

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Virgin atlantic seat map
Virgin atlantic seat map
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Duhn 13.07.2018
Are there unicorns on this road too? What kind of idiot would go on a road where there is no gas station for a THOUSAND miles?
Kajora 19.07.2018
I have to bribe my 2 year old with sweets so she wont throw a tantrum at the supermarket. Otherwise its WWIII.
Kagam 23.07.2018
So...it's been a couple days. Do you have an example?
Vudozahn 31.07.2018
Socialized medicine does not work here and the majority of the citizens here have already made it very clear that we do not want it. The elderly and the young children who are the most vulnerable are already covered. The disabled are covered, our vets are covered. We simply do not want that here.
Araktilar 03.08.2018
Well, anybody on one of these forums is a religious skeptic. There may be people out there who have a coherent worldview that doesn't include God, but you won't find anybody like that on here. Anybody on here is antagonistic towards the Christian God. That's why they're here. And your reference to "Jeezus" pretty much gives you away as being in that camp.
Dorg 05.08.2018
I got to see him in 1956 and in 1974 I believe, my wife and I saw him at the Asheville Civic Center
Arashizuru 15.08.2018
Now? Now he is going to? What?
Ferisar 22.08.2018
I'm telling you of something bad that WILL happen.
Tygozil 29.08.2018
See Acts. Paul was a citizen of Roman and this changed everything even for King Agrippa.
Samuzuru 06.09.2018
The act Saucier was guilty of was stupid, but he was a decent person and deserved a pardon so he could move on with his life. And how anyone explain how he got convicted and yet Clinton was never charged is beyond me.
Vigar 15.09.2018
Lol, we should always be skeptical of GOD'S children. We are flawed. I am completely comfortable dealing with GOD ....B.C.
Doulabar 25.09.2018
curses foiled again... I'll get you next time gadget! Nexxxxt tiiiiimmmme...
Samujora 26.09.2018
I love how you complain about fascism when they're literally criticizing an organization that made an art form out of abusing human rights for literally centuries, but okay...
Tauramar 04.10.2018
If my teeth don?t hurt it ain?t cold enoug
Bakasa 04.10.2018
Religious nutters sure are obsessed with athiests
Grotaur 11.10.2018
Nice, a long life to it. I see the kids like it already.
Golrajas 15.10.2018
Welp, Megan's hair and dress were a MAJOR letdown. You'd think they'd have had her hair pinned and such, so she wouldn't have pieces tucked behind her ears. Looked messy for a wedding. And her dress was too big and very plain. I expected much more from her, honestly. *sigh*
Vukus 22.10.2018
I suggest perhaps you have not considered what I have commented or you are viewing my comments through a lens that has been clouded by the teachings of Christianity. That is ok. It only took me forty years to escape that trap.
Gazuru 30.10.2018
Sure. Ok, that's your story and I am sure you will stick to it.
Gagar 08.11.2018
No he kind of like totailtarianism. He wants to be in control of everything.
Fetilar 16.11.2018
How about: On a scale of 0-100, just how sure are you that an intelligent Creator of the universe exists?
Nikozragore 22.11.2018
Been to one of those too! ;-)
Tokasa 26.11.2018
you wanted to tell me something
Meztinos 28.11.2018
??? what diameter? sounds like... nevermind...
Samutilar 05.12.2018
It just turns my pee green.
Mikataur 09.12.2018
All i know is LeBron better get one and if not he better go out like a soldier and play the WHOLE game and put up 50. If not WE should all hold that against him
Goltijas 20.12.2018
And I'm saying that the evidence for that is at best, extremely questionable and only credible if you start with the assumption that Jesus had to exist (a logical fallacy), especially since there are more reasonable reasons for it than there really was a Jesus besides the Latino guy who used to do my lawn.
Aralabar 30.12.2018
So the PEG is buying the property and leasing it to the church (with various maintenance and service contracts, I'm sure), is that correct?
Dotilar 02.01.2019
We don't even have the highest hydro rates in Canada, let alone North America.
Grole 04.01.2019
How many Christians are presently killing others inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
Gura 12.01.2019
Dunno. That seems to suggest that hate is unamerican.
Shazuru 14.01.2019
I know that's a rhetorical question but no, I think they are just getting increasingly deranged by the day. Btw, have you seen my latest discussion about the Israeli firm being investigated by the FBI? It's an interesting one.
Vurisar 25.01.2019
No, you added a word that was not there.
Kelar 27.01.2019
IF "because free will" was the correct answer, then that would prove that any prayer asking for help is a total waste of time.


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