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Vintage strawbery shortcake collectors

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Teen ladyboy jizzes on her belly and inserts banana in anal

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You claimed that 180 million Pakistani Muslims accepted the blasphemy laws.

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Momuro 04.09.2018
One grows in faith - relationship with God - similarly to how one grows within a secular relationship. One thinks about one's relationship to God, just as one thinks about - or at least should think about - one's relationship to family and Significant Other. In my own life, it is a simple matter of giving some time over to paying attention to the relationship and cultivating means by which it might be improved and extended. Spending a little time reminding myself of the supernal grace that permits me to have such a relationship at all.
Mazuzuru 04.09.2018
The God I am referencing is not a creation of the mind/imagination. The God-experience does not actually happen in the mind (defined as the discursive "rational" intellect). As Buddhism teaches, it is not the mind that becomes Enlightened.
Vor 08.09.2018
I disagree. I am even having arguments with atheist that believe science shows that Gods can't exist. How ignorant is that?
Vigrel 15.09.2018
Good point - lol


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