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Amo Morbia tickles Edie

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Amo Morbia tickles Edie

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So POW's are slackers? I'm getting the idea you don't have one of these flags in your yard...

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Dujas 11.07.2018
How?d your day go? All good? Sorted?
Kazrazragore 13.07.2018
This was your statement.
Kara 13.07.2018
I am reading a book now by financial guy. Actuarial charts are going to have to reflect that in not too distant future we will be living to 110 and 120. Insurance companies are a little worried. How?s that for hanging around too long?
Vujora 23.07.2018
It is not a belief but a proven fact that Big Bang and Evolution are invalid science theories because not only that both violate physical laws or physics, both can not pass logic at the minimum.
Kagale 30.07.2018
There is a prophecy that in a time of great need for the country, a Mormon leader will come along and save the country. Many Mormons looked at Mitt Romney as that "great leader".
Kijora 09.08.2018
I gave you several links. I think it's time you retire this attitude.
Zuluzilkree 19.08.2018
It is a no brainer. and I am super happy you have a digital subscription. That's good too. I just will aways have a tender spot in my heart for the print.
Kikora 30.08.2018
So that one god has many bodies, is both sexes and f8cks itself to have kids, that are all itself?
Najin 06.09.2018
I do not consider your political insight to be all that informed so I will stick with my prediction thanks.
Shaktinris 16.09.2018
If you are leaning any one way, you're not agnostic
Shakajind 20.09.2018
Care to cite these words which you claim I put into your mouth. What you really don't like is having to admit to an embarrassment of facts.
Muran 24.09.2018
The problem of the article above is that it's extremely one-sided. Yes, circumcision might have health benefits. In theory. In practice - the article doesn't even mention any kinds of complications that might arise from it.
Zuzil 02.10.2018
And there are some Christians who realize that being born gay OR straight is not a sin. You're talking to one.


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