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"Hello ?" Andy said. The honor dorm was reserved for inmates who were clean for 6 months (no write-ups) The second shock was it wasn't a dorm, it was cells but with regular doors, not bars.


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Not before you knew anything about him... so you had some feeling that you were able to assign as Jesus Christ in your mind because you already had him defined for you by someone else.

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Zulkikora 19.05.2018
This reads like a game to you. Have you studied the differences in these translations obviously not! Again your naming of the Hebrew God is more important than your denominations errors which you refuse to address over and over again, which is typical.
Fautilar 25.05.2018
Thanks for the post
Zulkijas 29.05.2018
You continue to shock us at how your reading comprehension skills seem to be lacking.
Akikus 31.05.2018
It's an injustice that no one's making her life a TV show. Kids with 2 Kings. Fought 2 Crusades, and 3 civil wars. Eleanor was the Angevin Dynasty.
Fenriran 04.06.2018
Lol what about the Snick thumb? I always say that it looks like Drake.
Negis 10.06.2018
When you can just offer an explanation for the contradictions with out knowing for a fact doesn't wipe out the skepticism.
Mak 14.06.2018
Are you a Christian? It frames my answer.
JoJoktilar 18.06.2018
For your information, in reality, there is no singularity but only in relativity theory because it couldn't work before the Planck time but that doesn't mean, there is no zero time. This is the job of other laws which is the Quantum mechanics because it could deal with very small measures in opposition to the relativity theory.
Taujind 23.06.2018
You know...that's an interesting point too. Because I have an aunt and uncle and my uncle has always been really reserved and very complimentary of my Mom during holiday parties telling her what a great job she had done... and always seemed like a nice guy in general and very non-threating. Years later I learned that he was verbally abusive to my aunt. His son, my cousin, was abusive to his ex-wife. That's when it came out about my Uncle when we all learned how abusive his son was. Just another perspective that you just don't know what's going on in people's lives much of the time.
Goltizilkree 27.06.2018
I'm not sure that is strictly true, but we were comparing the evidence of ancient historical writings.
Kazrat 01.07.2018
There's evidence it was there from 2200 BC - maybe 720 BC before being destroyed and then made a return later, obviously and came to prominence in the third century.
Akinotilar 08.07.2018
A perfectly correct answer. Your education is unmistakably visible.
Malajind 18.07.2018
It is no more a "human being" than an acorn is a oak tree. It does not yet have ANY of the functioning systems it takes to sustain life AS a human being. It is a "potential" human being, and that potential depends on DOZENS of factors. Until the time it achieves separateness from one specific person's body, it is still part of another human being who has rights to bodily autonomy just the same as anyone else in this country. When that is no longer the case, it is a "person" or a "human being".
Vuzuru 19.07.2018
Not really, too many as it is. Presidents are required to be historians now? Beats Hussein's 58 states.
Datilar 30.07.2018
Why do you keep insinuating I am breaking the law? What's your rub?
Taramar 04.08.2018
A toll wall, that's his master plan.
Tur 15.08.2018
Option 3 is an excellent way to handle a situation like this. Actually they are all good ideas. Talking to people in a respectful way yields better results every time. You are right, these folks often know each other.
Gushicage 22.08.2018
Just a wiki search, highlight, copy 'n' paste!
Dogor 31.08.2018
As your Prime Minister why he's destroyed Australia and why your deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce had to resign because he was a dual citizen which made you look like idiots throughout the world.
Zololrajas 02.09.2018
Make America Gumby Again.
Dujinn 12.09.2018
Not even remotely true.
Kigacage 22.09.2018
The DOJ and the FBI were apparently weaponized by the Obama administration.
Akigor 27.09.2018
Adults should transition. Children shouldnt imho...they are too young to do that to their bodies. Though, Im not going to get in the way because it isnt my kid so I dont care....
Nikobar 07.10.2018
Yup, but alas, it just went under contract today :(
Zolojora 14.10.2018
You used s lut shamming, I can quote you doing it.


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