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Taking care of injured mom


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"Yes. He asked me what my answer is.

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In general, Christianity has changed its views on a lot of things, and while I agree that the Bible is anti-gay if Christians want to get rid of that part, then cool. I have no problem with them doing so.

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Taking care of injured mom
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Sorry, but all Republicans are scum. A simple reason is because you?re still one in this current environment.
Yozshuran 12.07.2018
It's a definite possibility
Mezragore 20.07.2018
You should leave. I?ll contribute to your moving expenses.
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I asked you to show me some recent ones. Do you not have any?
Taull 28.07.2018
Any article that mentions Gates is suspect. He is a token black in Harvards white liberal staff. Further his is just a race baiter.
Kaktilar 30.07.2018
Sometimes I just can't tell if you are serious. Individual accountability to your own conscience? Resist the politically correct? This is too hilarious to process. Please go on.
Tygozahn 09.08.2018
You have valid points and concerns, but remember, fossil fuels still account for 63% of production, Coal is nearly 50% of that, while Renewables are still only 16% of which Solar is 2.3% while the other 13.7% are Non Solar Renewables. Nuclear is still 21%
Tar 17.08.2018
;~) ^ ^
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No, they are old sweaty gym socks. the synthetic fabric bacteria harboring kind.
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If I can imagine one minute of time I can image MORE time. 14 billion years is just lots of time.


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