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I know enough of the basics to inform you that vedanta is not a religion. It is an inquiry system.

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Moogushura 26.08.2018
That cop is a true hero.
Kajigami 30.08.2018
So you say, but miraculously (to use a term ironically) there are tons of people with ethics who don't believe in your god.
Meztikree 04.09.2018
If you think you can keep illegals from entering the US, you are ignorant, uninformed, or stupid, or a combination.
Mazurisar 10.09.2018
Courts are a Government entity, you know. I hear guys like you complaining about both criminal and Civil Courts and how they trample on individual rights - and most often it is just the court doing something they don't like personally.
Tusho 18.09.2018
I consider blocking you, but I forgive too easily. ??????
Gam 21.09.2018
Suckers, you mean like the people who swallow your BS about what Trump's grandfather did in the Klondike over
Kagul 24.09.2018
Pointing out the phrase has been used for ill in the past is a statement of fact, not animosity. It was just deceitful presented as such and the justices fell for it.
Tagal 02.10.2018
Oh good. Maybe I should wire him a couple hundred more to speed things up.
Sak 07.10.2018
Or lose another valued customer, in my case.
Zulukree 09.10.2018
I respect your opinion and kindly choose to wipe my designer costed ass with it lol.
Dimuro 12.10.2018
I love most shellfish.
Golar 22.10.2018
The potential is nowhere near the same.
Zolokasa 26.10.2018
An essence can also be a form, like a building blueprint that has no properties of a building except as a foreshadowing.
Menos 27.10.2018
"What I was referring to there were people having the right to force others to use their pronouns and call them what they wish to be called. See the difference? One is a choice you make yourself because it is the nice thing to do and one is pure oppression."
Moogucage 06.11.2018
I got thrown off a couple religion sites on discus for not being conservative enough. I note that it isn?t liberals alone who are illiberal. Yet I went to a Christian college and am an attender at my religious meeting. And attend a group that has never been anything but Christian although we freely welcome and have worshiped with members of nearly every religious group. Our own membership ranges from fundamentalist to agnostic. Gay to straight.
Zulubar 11.11.2018
You've misquoted Exodus 20:3, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." The commandment indicates that you can worship other gods but Jehovah must be first.
Doular 16.11.2018
America is an absolute odd-ball country; it's basically got an empire enforced by military spending on an unprecedented level... it's imprisoning more of its population than any other nation... it has the worst healthcare system of any developed nation (great if you can afford it)... it has a very high gap between rich and poor. It also has the highest rate of insane beliefs (such as denying global warming)... I'm happy to look into some of these statistics but I'd far rather look outside of America.
Mezigore 25.11.2018
The Dpic was totally inappropriate and probably illegal.
Goltilkis 05.12.2018
I fill mine with a passion to understand reality.
Kazrasho 07.12.2018
And that is ok. There is more to life than uncontrolled economic growth, right now half the workforce earns $20 an hour or less and a kid costs $150,000 to raise to 18. The labor market needs to correct itself in the workers favor.
Vut 12.12.2018
No, you may die when some nut job decides to go on a shooting spree and you just happen to be in his way.
Vudodal 17.12.2018
So science knows very little about the universe and about life ultimately?
Tulrajas 18.12.2018
Take a look Justice. You will see for yourself that is incorrect,. He can indeed.
Arashizahn 28.12.2018
"When God speaks of ?A new covenant,? He makes the first one obsolete".
Zulkilkree 04.01.2019
My roommate and I have used this approach in the past. We both suffer from anxiety issues so when we really get into opposing sides of an argument, that really flares up and it's not healthy for either of us. So we'd rather end the conversation prematurely and spare ourselves the unnecessary anxiety.
Kigalabar 13.01.2019
And that is not atypical?
Vukree 17.01.2019
Religiosity isn't decreasing. Nominal, name-only self-identified Christians are simply identifying as unaffiliated. That's hardly a decrease in religiosity, because they aren't religious to begin with.
Gagami 24.01.2019
If a priest isn?t salaried in a particular denomination then the point is moot, as he is obviously not taking advantage of an income tax break.
Mezilar 30.01.2019
One way or the other, the Hebrew "almah" means young woman, not virgin. Now, care to provide a rundown of your qualifications in Hebrew and Koine Greek, including education, experience and contributions to mainstream, peer-reviewed linguistic or other relevant journals? Without these, you are incompetent to evaluate the NIV or any other translation.
JoJot 31.01.2019
Parents don't get to chose to abuse their children with genital mutilation.
Yoran 02.02.2019
?The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.? ? Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion
Sarg 07.02.2019
She followed Sanders family to the next restaurant they went to and harassed them there. For being president of a non-profit group that promotes businesses in the city I am sure the owner of that establishment wasn't too happy with her driving patrons out of their establishment.
Tygodal 15.02.2019
I am NOT saying a person is born with the God concept. I am saying the human mind generates that concept when it appreciates the nature of existence and senses the presence of an unseen causation.


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