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Smiling super slim girl spreads vagina


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I'm guessing neither you nor Tracie are omniscient. Neither of you can see the future as clearly as the past.

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Mikasida 06.06.2018
No there isn't. When God orders a survey of the Israelites in Numbers, why doesn't he instruct that fetuses be counted as people? Why does he provide instructions for an abortifacient for a married woman?
Mugal 09.06.2018
Facing the reality of life, rather than what most would otherwise consider a whimsical delusion with varying consequence; sure people with similar opinions might be more apt to address these realities than others. They may be more morbid, more introspective, more apt to see the self-evident harshness of life. A world without a god is a lonely one, that doesn't mean we'd all commit mass suicide because suddenly we feel compelled to waste as little of this life as possible. But I'd consider this position an odd form of realism rather than a tenet or even commonality of atheism.
Tygocage 15.06.2018
It has been a long, hard week of grueling discussions and we have all "stuck to our guns". We all deserve some R and R....https://
Balar 24.06.2018
[shrugs] You don't seem like a particularly objective person, so I'm not surprised.
Mikam 02.07.2018
Yep now it?s all bad shows
Meztinris 12.07.2018
Normally I would agree with you on most things but something here troubles me. All we have to go on is the 'transgender' woman has a penis. What is to prevent a heterosexual male pretending to be transgender female in order to get a bit of sexual excitement? If the lady in the resort has no real way of knowing if the customer is a genuine transgender or a chancer, what is she expected to do? If her job description says that she only has to take female customers, surely that doesn't mean that she has to take anyone who has a penis?
Batilar 13.07.2018
I am a rock
Mataur 19.07.2018
True, if you resist that is legit.
Samuzahn 23.07.2018
If you are tired of eating alone, why not just ask someone to eat with you?
Dimuro 30.07.2018
Have you ever considered you may hold bigotted views?
Mutaxe 03.08.2018
LOL, that's a good one, especially coming from a Russian Bot!
JoJozragore 05.08.2018
If I misunderstood you let me know.
Fegar 15.08.2018
Based solely on this poll. Yes. I concede to the findings that a "slim" majority support a
Aragami 21.08.2018
No, the market stopped producing workers without a HS diploma who traditionally filled those jobs. There are many markets that simply couldn't get workers. Poultry plants in Alabama are a good example.
Tojak 22.08.2018
At least the boulders can't hurt him in heaven. He can have them the size of marbles, every day, all day long.
Yozshushakar 27.08.2018
Once again you fail to argue against my points- further evidence that you are incapable of finding flaw in my position.
Mugrel 01.09.2018
Instead of taking an aggressively hostile tone with me, why not point out SPECIFICALLY what I said that is in error?
Gardasida 04.09.2018
Exactly. And these cases uphold it. So what's your problem with them?
Vigis 13.09.2018
Excellent point of a reason to go down from the 4.5 billion number.
Vudoshura 18.09.2018
No its elimination of the accountability. You are no longer obligated to anything once you killed that fetus. No longer obligated to care for it, change its diaper, teach it, raise it...all those obligations are gone. You didn't fulfill your accountability you executed the person you were obligated to. Kinda like being accountable to your parents in old age by smothering them with a pillow lol. the moral reasoning of the left is thoroughly broken.
Munris 19.09.2018
Is he the one who keeps posting threads here? I deleted one then he posted another. I'm not amused.
Zulkinos 25.09.2018
Another example of the genetic fallacy.
Voodoobei 27.09.2018
WRONG! It is simply a probability, Presumption is NOT fact.
JoJomuro 07.10.2018
No, humans are not capable of comprehending 'right and 'wrong' any more than lions.
Shaktijinn 08.10.2018
So stealing and claiming they?re your own words? okay?
Mara 15.10.2018
Crying is NOT a learned behavior. While my daughter's birth was quite uneventful, when my son was born, his first breath was to scream out his objection at having been removed from his safe, warm place. He was red faced and screaming for the better part of 5 minutes whereupon he gave himself the hiccups.
Akinotaxe 23.10.2018
You said "homosexual" was an identity.
Samutilar 29.10.2018
I would argue that, if there is a "hole" within the human species, it can be filled with the individual's passion, or what brings them meaning and inner joy. For some people that is parenthood. For others it may be serving their fellow man, or being a teacher, or an airline pilot, or, or, or...no god(s) necessary.
Zuhn 02.11.2018
Oh. Sorry. It was a joke.
Kazrakora 05.11.2018
The phobia for Christianity is totally irrational as its main message is to love one's neighbour, and even one's enemy.
Nasho 06.11.2018
Do you even see how your response to a Mod is patronizing her? Why can't you just take a step back, respect other people and not use the term? Go on with the conversation, already.


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