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Fingering Orgasms Anal Pounding Foreplay (Faffef)

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Great. Does any of that make his claim that the genetic code is actually a code more or less believable?

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Mile 02.05.2018
wow... you make me weep for humanity.
Vizil 07.05.2018
Emotional affair for three years, how do you know it?s not a physical affair
Sar 13.05.2018
And the original covenant is; "Love your neighbor as yourself"
Grobei 23.05.2018
Right, so murder the children, the people who haven't done anything wrong yet. That's what a psychopath would do.
Kazranos 25.05.2018
Nope: just urban legend. The idea that in Mohammed's own time there were Muslims whose mosque needed to be burnt down... yeah I would not have been the one to say "Uh... Mr. Prophet sir... I know it might be strategically sensible to do this... but doesn't the Koran say..." :-)
Maukora 31.05.2018
ok, my bad.
Kajijin 01.06.2018
LOL I've blocked him... TWICE because Disqus keeps UNblocking the assholes!
Tahn 11.06.2018
Missy Elliot. Best female rapper ever in my book.
Mikalkis 17.06.2018
I will back any case that protects freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and freedom to assemble peaceably...
Disar 18.06.2018
This too...when I got full rein on my hair...I did a lot more to it because now I had freedom
Dukree 20.06.2018
it works for me!!! :) LOL!!!
Dosida 25.06.2018
*hugs* thanks Gracie :)
Arall 27.06.2018
You'd think an omnipotent omniscient god would be smart enough to say, "This next story is figurative." Or "This story is literal."
Zolom 30.06.2018
He didn't threaten them? Do tell!
Felrajas 07.07.2018
Observations aren?t compliments. No need to thank me.
Malasho 09.07.2018
This makes me feel ashamed of my own morning.......
Doukinos 17.07.2018
Your false teacher told you that Jesus did not have prior permission to have the donkey. You should not believe false teachers.
Kegis 22.07.2018
Atheism isn't science. Science isn't atheism. Evolution is what it is. That some don't understand it I'm not going to explain it. That some don't like it because it trashes their superstition is commonplace among the ignorant and brainwashed.
Melmaran 30.07.2018
Why yes you are, you got back what you put out.
Kazimi 31.07.2018
There will be plenty of whine from the liberals this time tomorrow.
Faerr 01.08.2018
Having a discussion about what you want out of a relationship doesn't negate the choice. Haranguing and nagging is not the same as a discussion! lol
Kagaran 08.08.2018
Ya how's that working out for ya fuckface
Samuzil 17.08.2018
No they are not your killers and molesters. They are the same as you are but just don't have a deity. Killers and molesters can be religious and also believe in deities. We are people. All the same. What religion or god that you follow has nothing to do with anything.
Modal 27.08.2018
It is not "discrimination." It is religious liberty. And people should have respect for the sincere faith of Christians.
Brabei 06.09.2018
So, why join a religious group?
Dojas 10.09.2018
Why would you possibly think I don't understand what personal incredulity is? What was it that I said in the post you were responding to that demonstrated "personal incredulity"? Please be specific.
Tagis 17.09.2018
I avoid both areas like the plague. I had more than a lifetime's worth of that crap in LA.
Zulkimi 24.09.2018
Perhaps you can get some Benjamin Moore paint to cover up those blemishes so they will be gone from your sight.
Nami 26.09.2018
And in some? They cut off the woman's clitoris. Any mutilation based on religious ideology is abhorrent to me. Such as some rituals where parents whack themselves and their children with sharp knifes and swords.
Neran 01.10.2018
why is it a crime when I copy god?


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