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based on, when you called your own councilor, you were ignored. When you called Rob Ford, you got results

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Your presumptuous ego is showing.
Kazigul 28.08.2018
I have exactly that coffee maker? except mine is just silver instead of the nice coppery colour :(
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But how many legal brothels are operating? Even escorts live in a world of their business being partly illegal.
Zulujar 09.09.2018
By definition, people who see or understand something that you don't must be either aware of truth or they are deluded. You are correct that delusion occurs, of course. But I think your comment, in essence, amounts to "I don't understand" or "I disagree."
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Upvote for the gangs of new york reference.
Tulkis 18.09.2018
Sin. It is inherited through man, not woman. Adam committed the first sin, and a virgin would still be an 'innocent.'
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Your word is fine, but you failed to use it accurately, as I've explained.
Kigagal 04.10.2018
Trump style of negotiating is him thinking he?s the greatest at everything, and everyone else is stupid. It?s an incredibly arrogant and shortsighted stance. Probably contributed to more than one of Trumps multiple bankruptcies.
Kajijar 11.10.2018
You honestly believe racism is gone? It's not. There are plenty of racists that want to discriminate against black people. A Christian refusing to bake a cake for a gay marriage is no different than a racist refusing to bake a cake for a mixed race wedding. Both are discrimination.
Tojasho 18.10.2018
>>"I did not assert anything about the existence of god and therefore do not bear a burden of proof."<<
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And pro-lifers don't understand CONSENT TO SEX is not CONSENT TO PREGNANCY.
Brakus 26.10.2018
Well, you understand what **I** mean by "objective" anyway!
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How am I playing word games?
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Yeah. All of it. There are ethnic conflicts going on all over the world right now. Uighers and the Chinese. Burmese and the Karen. Christians and Moslems in Central African Republic. Dinka and Nuer in South Sudan. The Tigrayans and other Ethiopians.
Kagazil 19.11.2018
BS. This is about the continued abuse of children and the failure to report the abuse to the proper authorities. No one is saying that the children should be forced to do anything. If this was about doctors and nurses not reporting broken bones and bruises on a child, everyone would be screaming foul. But because it is about the liberals cherished right to kill their own unborn babies, everyone should just look the other way? What hope do these children have when people who are suppose to report their abuse, not only don't report it, but send the children back to their abusers. Sick.
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Okay, " have a nice day "


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