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Sounds like a John Carpenter movie...

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Sexy barefoot arch girls
Sexy barefoot arch girls
Sexy barefoot arch girls
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Julkree 24.07.2018
Those last 2 sentences are interesting. It seems you think that the way you live, the works you do, should count for something.
Kagagami 30.07.2018
As far as I know I've never been blocked from a channel but I have blocked a couple of users.
Kagakree 05.08.2018
Where were you when I was asking "What do we owe the dead!" yesterday? :-)
Malalrajas 07.08.2018
Christendom used (abused) Christianity like the porn industry abuses the sex drive. I wouldn't give a stuff about whether Jesus was historical or not - the words exist.
Samutilar 11.08.2018
No matter how many terrible things he does, you fools will find solace by fantasizing that Hillary would've been even worse. Maybe you should be holding the president to a higher standard than the boogeyman you've created for yourselves. We should expect better. Much, much better.
Jumi 14.08.2018
They should have to file for tax-exempt status if they provide charitable services, like every other non-profit. But many churches are strictly a for profit enterprise with no charitable works.
Meztinris 20.08.2018
That's a reflection on the state of management in today's world, rather than a reflection on the truth.
Araramar 25.08.2018
I gave you the evidence. The US is an oligarchy that has failed most of its citizens and is failing as a state.
Doubei 04.09.2018
Religious groups buy in bulk to give away to others. A book promoted and subsidised by rich organisations will sell well without that indicating it is good. Also how many Christians do you know who own a bible but have not read it? (Applies to most Christians I know.)
Damuro 11.09.2018
Be great if my kitty makes it to 30. :)
Mezimi 12.09.2018
I really think it was about the year 1000, give or take a 100 years.If you look, that was really where some key eras started stalling, but it was also almost non-stop war
Kahn 23.09.2018
Atheists don't rely on science and really many don't care about science. Logic and philosophy can easily show god assertions to be false with no science needed.
Faubar 02.10.2018
For me, it takes two but sometimes more...
Tum 03.10.2018
Seriously? Baby foreskin or baby testicles? Let us know how that works out for you.
Samuramar 09.10.2018
If you desire to persist in your unbelief, why do you post here in a discussion of a valid topic? You are entitled to believe what you will
Bara 16.10.2018
Precisely. A Burqa ban is simply replacing one oppressor with another.
Mukinos 21.10.2018
Thank you for that interesting example. It sounds like a fascinating subject. My niece does the same thing as you. She has build a family genealogy going back many generations. I must have a long discussion about it with her :-)
Akile 25.10.2018
They say the same thing about Camelot.
Brazshura 27.10.2018
Yep. Dems, the new aged ones, would have us all work till were 80 so others didn't have to start until their 40. Does that sound solid ?
Arasida 31.10.2018
FIFA will do what it always does - see how much money its board members can make, and decide accordingly.
Kera 02.11.2018
I think that's not accurate.
Dur 11.11.2018
And don't forget Dear Old Aunt Zeituni, Obama's father's half-sister.
Kazraran 18.11.2018
My guess is those defending the actions would.
Kasho 26.11.2018
That should say "Fancy Presuppositions!"
Gror 29.11.2018
Myself, I don't respect her because she waited 10+ years, then blackmailed Trump, and then went back on the NDA.
Kazrakora 08.12.2018
Seems pretty self destructive to have your people that worship drop like flies because they're starving, ya know?
Gagul 14.12.2018
I missed the whole show tonight. Had a school music concert to attend. Was not surprised at the results nor the resignation upon leaving the gymnasium.
Gardagami 22.12.2018
All one need to know about Islam is from your first sentence.
Nek 30.12.2018
It doesn?t make you a doctor if you go to hospital everyday
Tobar 07.01.2019
what does 'dick' mean? is it some sort of metaphysical force that engulfs a person?
Mikarg 11.01.2019
I thought that you didn't care, lefty hack fake!
Jujas 14.01.2019
Your fallible human judgement is the reason you believe in God.


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