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After all I have gone through in this life? And the work I do in helping others who have gone through the same thing as I have? I would never change my mind about the non-existence of a gawd, or my feelings towards religion, especially the Abrahamic ones. I have studied these religions for far too long to change my mind that they are vile, evil, degenerate-filled, hypocrite-filled, bloody, brutal, destructive, death-dealing religions famous for their slaughters, persecutions, wars, crusades, inquisitions and that they have done humanity incredible harm, and are just not worth all the pain, suffering and horror they have caused humanity and continue to cause humanity.
Kajill 08.08.2018
Putin can do Trump's thinking for him.
Dashicage 16.08.2018
25 years? Wow time does fly. Amazing how sensitive we now are about everything.
Mikajora 19.08.2018
Texan, but displaced. At least we get blue bell ice cream here in Kansas. Almost all my family is in Texas. I still have to travel for Whataburger. I graduated from Angelo State University in San Angelo.
Doule 27.08.2018
Hating President Trump is a stupid and losing strategy and the only thing the Donkey Party has and that makes me smile.
Damuro 02.09.2018
"Where I get Pizza"
Zulkidal 06.09.2018
Thank goodness my former employer never found out how stupid I was. They were so fooled, they kept offering me big increases to continue consulting to our major Science accounts. Sadly, I just wasn't interested in working anymore. Age does that.
Shashicage 06.09.2018
I was just thinking "wow that sounds like a nervous breakdown for me"
Yozshujind 13.09.2018
Not at all. The premise is the same. One can't be against abortion but ok with it if a girl is raped. You either are for the right to abort or are not. Exceptions makes one a hypocrite. If a someone chooses not to serve gays then gays can choose not to serve them. It could be at their restaurant or if a doctor on the operating table.
Faejin 15.09.2018
So the early German people didn't speak what we call German?
Zulull 21.09.2018
Again, your bias is showing. I am not going back 50 years.
Maukinos 24.09.2018
Ha, ha, ha...........don't give them any ideas.
Grokora 25.09.2018
Seems like the US attracts a lot of foreigners to their universities. Must be doing something right.
Tusar 27.09.2018
You're actually right on that. Looks like we agree on something.


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