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Yuma and her daughter are not grossly overweight, but they were not extremely skinny either.

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No, they're simply other forms of sensory perception, nothing extra about them.

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Tojagrel 30.07.2018
You don't come off like an ignoramus. You just definitely come off as someone fairly new to the topic of whether Jesus existed, though I can tell that you're actually interested in what the facts are (which is more than what could be said about some others).
Kigarr 03.08.2018
fruit loops, vapid...cuckolded
Shagami 09.08.2018
Not only atheists : anybody who can think straight.
Kajikree 17.08.2018
i thought Obama',s shovel ready jobs fixed our infrastructure. Where did that go?
Tygonos 26.08.2018
Well, I left Christianity (primarily the dogma and the social institution), although I agree with some of the concepts, such as the ?judge not lest you be judged? ideas mentioned in the OP. But that particular idea, and many other Christian ideas that are good or beneficial can and do exist outside of Christianity and are not necessarily tied to Christianity.
Gokazahn 01.09.2018
Did Alexander the Great write about things that we don't believe are possible, like coming back from the dead? If he just wrote about finding amazing animals and going on a conquest to other lands then that's pretty believable. Zombies are not. Or are all claims equal in your eyes?
Megal 10.09.2018
No, there was a story a few years back when Georgia arrested a lot of illegals without work permits in the fields. An enterprising young man wanted to start a shuttle service for folks living in HUD housing to the fields to work, but he couldn't get any takers from those living in subsidized housing.
Vukazahn 17.09.2018
So somehow you are now the first person to find empirical evidence for God? Do tell.
Mugor 23.09.2018
Who's you people?


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