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Lada Love shows off her see-through bra and panties

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"He picked that up from Herbert Spencer and incorporated it in the 5th edition of his book."

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Tukree 05.08.2018
There's a whole prayer dedicated to Mary specifically (Hail Mary), which you are requested to repeat when going through confession. Additionally, there are other prayers of worship towards Mary that Catholics perform.
Faumuro 16.08.2018
It would've been nice to see him be the new crime boss, but Joker was already doing that scthick
Samujora 21.08.2018
NYC. The best city in the world.
Arall 30.08.2018
I don't think anyone is doing that.
Vijas 06.09.2018
No worries. This is a fine discussion.
Arakora 14.09.2018
The Deep State includes both parties.
Bragar 21.09.2018
And that, my friend, is exactly what I'm saying. I also don't consider this illiberal just the mainstreamificstion of [email protected] ideology.
Mikahn 27.09.2018
Nice try but I have insinuated no such thing. Do you have access to statistics which suggest that most prisoners weren't christian before they entered prison? I don't.
Golar 03.10.2018
You have problems with reading comprehension. The OBVIOUS point is nothing like you are suggesting.
Arakree 12.10.2018
You disproved nothing. Anyone can string together a bunch of nonsense that sounds important but is, in reality, no sense liberals do it every time they open their mouths.
Akisho 19.10.2018
They are closer to a disease, liberal.
Dokora 24.10.2018
There are theists actively promoting their religious beliefs into legislation and other public institutions - with some success - is why.
Duramar 25.10.2018
Why would I threaten oil deposits?
Tygorisar 02.11.2018
all better needs a grooming though
Shaktigor 09.11.2018
And rapists don't need to hide behind a book.
Nalabar 10.11.2018
Both Bush and Obama put pardons and commutations through their Attorneys General. Both believed that living people with a chance to reform their lives were a priority over those who had served their time and died. His name was Jack Johnson, by the way. He was convicted under the Mann Act. As attorney John Siegal said, "If you're going to get into the business of reviewing American history for injustices, you have an endless caseload."
Kajir 11.11.2018
1. Absolutely False--what was proven is what we refer to as time/space began nanoseconds after the BB, which has NOTHING to do with what existed BEFORE the BB.
Yokinos 18.11.2018
Here is a link to Right Wing Watch, full of stories of Christian Pastors of Hate who spew how Christians should have the right to slaughter others and put to death others.
Mezimi 21.11.2018
My take is pretty simple and see if you agree with me.
Tulmaran 28.11.2018
Again, what artwork did they request that this homophobe object to? What words did the couple request that this bigot objected to? Did this couple request he use gay flour? Maybe homosexual eggs?
Mak 06.12.2018
Wich one, want tobe that hero.
Faukus 15.12.2018
None of your points are relevant at all.
Kazishicage 20.12.2018
There is no "other side". Many pro-choice people would never have n abortion, they just could not do it themselves.
Tezilkree 29.12.2018
Now that is funny!!
Shakora 01.01.2019
Mostly kids are taught now their own feelings are paramount. Winning things for participation. They don't teach how to lose with grace. "If you're not first, you're last." (Thank you, Ricky Bobby. : )
Zulkikasa 10.01.2019
I am doing no hand-waving. I am simply responding to your analogies and pointing out their problems.
Totilar 19.01.2019
Cavs win 4 in a row too pull off the greatest upset in sports history.... Going with my heart not brain's


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