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You can giggle it, kiss it, lick it and bang it... the all purpose asshole

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Shakanris 14.05.2018
I've been in that situation. Honestly, laughing helps. Then say "Oh wait, you were serious? You weren't serious, are you?" He'll say "No" because you just laughed at him.
Zulumuro 15.05.2018
What, the link wasn't enough?
Kazijas 21.05.2018
Lots of laws no longer valid, but SINS of the Old Testament didn't get erased, which is why you still see them being reference in the New Testament. Jesus provided another path to salvation, not a get to sin free card.
Melkree 21.05.2018
Ohhhh And you know it is a great Memorial day when you are incomplete in your house maintenance list.... I was semi kinda mostly sobered up Monday when wifeoid announced that the unused replacement toilet seat was already cracked... Soooo being the loving and attentive husband I removed the offending (freshly replaced) toilet seat and headed back to Wal-Mart to exchange the defective item. Assssssz I was attempting to park in the crowded parking lot, in the pouring rain, two sheriff deputies are perp walking a middle aged man from the store. Oh joy. I thought He is having a good holiday. I walked in and stood in line at the service center dripping wet with a giant horse shoe. The counter clerk just smiled and I handed her the item... I walked back to the shelves and witnessed another future perp walker slide a small hand towel rack into her purse... sigh... I should have said something... If I were totally sober I would have.
Akinor 23.05.2018
You just keep telling yourself that and everything will be okay...
Vugami 02.06.2018
Sweet eh, R Ford's net worth in 2017 was estimated at 50M by an American web site, however Renata is left to beg for it while all the while Randy and Doug seemingly abscond with it
Mezim 03.06.2018
...LMAO. LOL. Someone must not know what it actually is. Lmao I got excited, I thought Tex and I were going to compare symptoms and treatments. Ugh.
Brazshura 13.06.2018
The 'legislation' obviously couldn't give belief in a creator as a justification for unalienable human rights, but the Declaration of Independence could?
Sashura 15.06.2018
Alberta is nice! lol
Gakree 20.06.2018
500 million and 1.
Gutilar 24.06.2018
Agreed. But what?s sad is that I could imagine people actually wanting to tax pets.
Daill 02.07.2018
Pretty impressive, creating the universe and everything!
Vudole 07.07.2018
Nonsense, you think that because they've gotten to the point where they can start differentiating "right" from "wrong" that that somehow makes them responsible enough for things like driving and exercising their civic duty. Come on now....
Taurn 15.07.2018
So how do you know you don't believe in something? All people operate on belief in some things.Some things are beyond the possibility of final proof. Such as compute to the last digit the value of "pi".
Kisida 23.07.2018
No worries. I think we'll get to King Trump IV before the world gets blown up.
Kakora 24.07.2018
oh for fucks sake you people are unbelievable
Zologor 30.07.2018
How many did obama tell yotal now that its a matter of history and each comment can be verified?
Zulurr 09.08.2018
Nope, some guy with double A tits, er I mean pecs.
Mazunos 17.08.2018
Lmao. Oh my gosh don't make me laugh my abdomen is sore from bootcamp.
Gogor 24.08.2018
you forgot my favorite "i could walk out on 5th ave and kill someone".
Nill 30.08.2018
That was because of the two morons in Walkerton.
Gajinn 31.08.2018
Martyrdom is hardwired into their indoctrination.
Tojajora 08.09.2018
Alright, let's talk science!
Gur 09.09.2018
It's 2, one legged flying humans, letting go. duh
Daizragore 18.09.2018
People comfortable with their own sexuality don't need to complain or worry about males being feminized.
Fenrimi 23.09.2018
Yeah, youre totally wrong. Everyone knows about the dinosaurs in Eden.
Tygolrajas 02.10.2018
True, but what holds the atheist to it? Humanism? Peer support? That can get one sided fast.
Maujora 08.10.2018
The Jews can disagree all they like. They were God's favorites, now they're his favorite punching bag. For a chosen people of god, they're getting the shaft throughout history from God letting all this happen.
Fezshura 10.10.2018
And the Conservatives... are lying? Is that your best hope?
Gardagar 14.10.2018
That's what I have been saying for many years regarding the man made NT and the adulterated Torah that exists today.
Akinokinos 24.10.2018
I know you have to believe that to sooth your butthurt liberal snowflake mind.


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