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PornhubTV Alison Moore and Nikki Delano Interview at eXXXotica 2014

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My view of the will or intent is that it is a resultant vector based upon the component vectors of particular goals or desires. For instance a blind man who gains sight will likely value many things differently, and will likely start desiring and enjoying an entirely new set of aesthetic experiences. That will shift his priorities. He is as free before as after.

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Kerisar 12.03.2018
Maybe a simple google search could help you.
Ganos 21.03.2018
Spirit cooking? Got to do something with all that lamb?s blood.
Ferisar 29.03.2018
That's why I say he's impossible. But my definition of the fictitious Abrahamic god is the OT omniscient ogre that hands out free will and then tortures people for using it. You can't have free will if god knows what you're going to do. Which is an utter paradox so yeah, 100% impossible.
Grolabar 07.04.2018
I wonder where this places homosexual marriages and sex within those confinements.
Vujin 16.04.2018
Frankly, Snope's claim the statement is
Nikosar 17.04.2018
I?m sorry...But don?t you call yourself ?Butt Stallion?..?
Zulkimuro 20.04.2018
"Experts estimate that 38 percent of men worldwide are circumcised, half of them for religious reasons." - from the OP
Nilrajas 21.04.2018
In some ways I agree. I've found that, in general, even within the same denomination and often between individuals on the same pew, God tends to be made in the image of its adherent.
Akinole 25.04.2018
"-So you didn't read them, good to know."
Tamuro 04.05.2018
Syd Barrett (god) had already left the band.
Dolmaran 13.05.2018
No, you've given him a chance. If he doesn't stop calling and texting, have him charged with harassment.
Goshura 20.05.2018
My belief entirely.
Dagor 28.05.2018
It is my understanding that on August 26, 1900, god wrote, "Nietzche is dead. Nietzche remains dead."
Gora 31.05.2018
No, Scientism is not an attack on Science. It is an attack on the misapplication of Science, typified by the attitude that the Social Sciences are inferior, or that religion is only based on notions of the physical world, or that Religion is unnecessary because Psychiatry exists. They are not, and claims to that effect often demonstrate the need for functional literacy in the Social Sciences.
Mulrajas 04.06.2018
"Everyone should believe what [I] believe" is what you may have read INTO what I wrote, but this is not what I said. For basic logic what you said doesn't qualify. For example, I am equally offended by everything you said here, but neither your or my claim of being offended validates the argument either you or I have made. :)
Dikinos 10.06.2018
Invasion?! You dumbass, this country has already been taken over. My guess is that you?ve voted for it every step of the way.
Akishakar 12.06.2018
My favorite example of a 'first world problem' is one from Bad Boyz 2.


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