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Lesbian Couch Crashers - Scene 3

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so, if god brought you to his side and let you watch him as he drowned the world including your babies and everyone you ever loved, you'd say "Good job god, you must know what you're doing!"

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Naked jared leto picture
Naked jared leto picture
Naked jared leto picture
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Arashigrel 06.04.2018
It's the reality...under the last thirty years, 80% of the country has had stagnant wages. When the Dems are in power, the Reps blame them, when the REps are in power the DEms blame them. America is suffering from economic rot because of the dozen or two monopolies that are strangling the economy. That's why Obama promised hope and change, and Trump promised to make America great again.
Faedal 12.04.2018
They are two separate fields. But science does inform religion. In the Jewish Talmud it talks of, if their is a conflict between religion and science, either the science is incorrect or the interpretation of the Torah is incorrect.
Mushakar 22.04.2018
a good stretch is always advisable ,before sex,,
Sakazahn 01.05.2018
Who knew stopping the paying of senseless billions to useless healthcare insurance companies could be so difficult?
Gardagal 03.05.2018
character assassination it is
Vimuro 07.05.2018
That would not bother me as he did not perform any miracles at that time (if we follow what is written in NT).
Yoran 10.05.2018
KD. Really as I read them the accounts of Paul in :
Gakazahn 20.05.2018
or was all that you were capable of.....
Arashigore 26.05.2018
Which is what?
Dotaur 27.05.2018
Do they? (asking the question)
Mezijas 31.05.2018
So tell me which cells are ?you??
Tauzuru 10.06.2018
And yet I am somehow able to not follow her every move.
Kazralmaran 11.06.2018
Actually Toronto is the twin sister city of Chicago.
Nikasa 19.06.2018
You didn't read my post, did you?
Voodoohn 23.06.2018
Suzan Mazur is the "journalist" who attended a meeting on evolution, misunderstood nearly everything that was going on, and has now cashed in on her misunderstanding by writing a book. Needless to say, the people who organized the meeting were not amused.
Shaktilkree 28.06.2018
I loved Carlin!
Mazugrel 07.07.2018
you get it, others missed it.
Mejar 14.07.2018
While I agree with you by principle, its not a justification for several officers to gang up on one guy and punch him several times.
JoJorr 18.07.2018
It's called "whitewashing" and the Dems are going at it in industrial fashion.
Shagul 24.07.2018
You didn't go out enough probably:)
Vomi 27.07.2018
Thanks for the sermon.
Negrel 02.08.2018
Sorry... you're talking about in a particular group, regardless of venue policy.
Tojinn 07.08.2018
Jesus was never baptized?
Temi 12.08.2018
except that the people where in an uproar over the kneeling thing long before the president gave an opinion on the matter.
Tolrajas 18.08.2018
Oh tell TFCC that,
Samuzuru 18.08.2018
You get baptized in the white jump suit too?
Malaktilar 21.08.2018
That sounds a lot like the conversation I had with the site owner that ER had trolled so hard. She didn't want to do nothing in the face of such bad behavior, but she also did not want ER sending still more socks to pollute the sites she moderates with her primary ID. Out of this need RE was born. Other people have picked up on what was going on and added new family members.
Dabei 28.08.2018
If you expand it beyond just stake burnings, you can probably add quite a bit more time to that. Just think all the time and wasted resources on religion, and the wars fought over religion, going back thousands of years. Even today we're trying to reach for the stars while some religions are fighting to live like cavemen.
Gulkis 07.09.2018
So your place came out unscathed?
Karan 17.09.2018
"God created us imperfect. So we will not stop being imperfect. That will go on forever, with every baby born. So why must a penalty be beared?
Arashilabar 25.09.2018
Absolutely fair. We do not allow "sky daddy" talk. Criticism is fair, but mockery and personal attacks are not. I am asking him to dial it back.
Dotaxe 28.09.2018
Of course you are on Medicare. Why else would you be ranting about subsidized insurance?
Kazrarr 06.10.2018
You are the ones making extraordinary claims about something for which the evidence simply does not exist.
Dourisar 16.10.2018
Nope. I am not "Molesting" you. But I am touching you.
Malatilar 23.10.2018
I agree too.


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