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Thanks hope you enjoyed. It wasn't always like this though, Serine had to work for every strength that she had now, and it wasn't easy.

Japanese schoolgirl - sexual assault delusion

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"since you want to take away my consent to not bring a brat into this godforsaken world"

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Duramar 03.06.2018
The "children" are currently in the White House and Congress, Lois. They are the ones making this a nightmare.
Tecage 09.06.2018
Your way is to let everyone and their dog have unlimited access to military grade firearms, then turn around and scratch your head at the pile of bodies that ensues.
Meztijora 13.06.2018
Unless Jesus is your super hero. This guy is jumping through hoops and finding every excuse to believe Jesus wasn't a bad guy.
Nikotilar 20.06.2018
It's obvious what's happening and that the worst is yet to come.
Mezir 28.06.2018
All I said is that he can pardon himself.
Votilar 03.07.2018
Too long. So far, the only point you've demonstrated to me is not to reply to any of your comments.
Tugrel 12.07.2018
Good grief, so you just voted for the clueless one!
Juzshura 17.07.2018
Lol I'm still so mad we didn't get more Harvey in that series smh.
Doshicage 25.07.2018
Hmm, I only scanned the post so could've missed it, but I did not get the same vibe?
Voodoozil 28.07.2018
We should never try to be "Good Widdle Europeans."
Dozahn 30.07.2018
We move the goal posts morally all the time. Our morals today are completely different than 500 years ago which were completely different than 1000 years before that. Slave ownership used to be moral. As were witch burnish and public floggings and stoning.
Moogujora 06.08.2018
Then the jobs and business go away. The way to prevent them from hiring illegal workers is simple.
Zolojind 14.08.2018
That?s great, respect them all.
Shazahn 17.08.2018
Unlike the Democrat Party founding a militant race based arm we all know to be the KKK, the Republican Party has no race based militant arm. Try again.
Goltilrajas 24.08.2018
tsk tsk tsk.
Nikoll 30.08.2018
we could lose 185 lbs instantly if we vote Maxine Waters out off office...
Sazilkree 02.09.2018
These superstitious men and women Overran the Roman Empire using just their own bodies as pin cushions , in less than 300 years documented by the Romans!!! :) LOL!!!
Arashijas 07.09.2018
This article is polite, but extremely lame.
Yolar 16.09.2018
SoS Oh right , thousand of tons of matter coming in from space and atmosphere being blown away into space by solar flares equals a closed system.
Kazizragore 26.09.2018
YEP same I wanted the same cut, then I hated it
Mezil 03.10.2018
I know but I never learned to speak jerk wad. ;)
Diran 10.10.2018
How can you be 100% certain there's no creator? In fact, recently, you said there was a tiny bit of a chance in God himself, and now you're MORE certain there's no generic unnamed Creator of the universe. That doesn't seem to follow.
Tygoktilar 12.10.2018
Could you try to ask a question in the form of a question?
Mazulkree 21.10.2018
God is supernatural so we can't have scientific evidence of him. But I have evidence of him but you will not believe it if I tell you.
Tujin 25.10.2018
Yes, start with the Big Bang if you don't believe there is a God at all.
Kazilrajas 01.11.2018
It is. And has been upheld in the supreme court.
Akinokinos 05.11.2018
Good lord. It takes 5 seconds to google how the trick is done. You can watch videos of how the trick is done. Again, just because you don't understand how it's done, it doesn't mean it's demonic.
JoJozahn 13.11.2018
Fire, bewbs, and beer. You are a cheap date!
Kazigami 14.11.2018
Correct. Your gaslighting does not work anymore. You will have to dwell in your alternative reality alone.
Nejora 23.11.2018
Google "no True Scotsman".
Yozshulmaran 27.11.2018
I don't think anyone serious is alleging that the NFL does not have the right to make certain behavior during the national anthem a requirement.
Nalar 07.12.2018
LOL to be fair, I didn't... My azz was jokingly talking to @disqus_QSAvi7a9Ag. I don't mind talking different perspectives HERE.. @Paul up there was fine and respectful. Where I draw the line at is someone trying to paint you some way just bc you don't want to talk to them anymore.. Tf? But I'm the emotional one? Lol. Reminds me of a kid stomping out a sandcastle just the other kid doesn't want to play anymore.
Tygoll 08.12.2018
(sigh) Your first comment. "Do you believe in charity?" is not "obvious" in its intent, at least not to me.


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