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What does that have to do with general outlook?

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Mia sara photos nude
Mia sara photos nude
Mia sara photos nude
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All сomments (29)
Voodoojind 04.07.2018
So you're in favor of screwing Public Accommodation laws?
Goltirg 06.07.2018
I think you and your friends are a rarity, tbh.
Kazizragore 10.07.2018
"God didn't work against Judah at all, let alone secretly"
Kigarn 20.07.2018
No, it isn't. Again, just because you manage to find a bright spot after suffering doesn't mean suffering is good.
Majas 25.07.2018
I really believe many of the people on here are paid by corrupt globalist $$(Soros etc.) to spread propaganda because most real free thinking Americans are smarter than Some of this garbage. I hope .
Dout 02.08.2018
Really? Can you provide ONE LINK to suggest what you?re saying is correct? One? Just one. Because I sure as shit haven?t heard that from anyone in the media or the US government. The only people I hear this from are the trade-relations geniuses that populate this board.
Kiganris 08.08.2018
And such a terrible waste.
Nagor 18.08.2018
In that particular protest, you are correct. But do you want to talk about the ant-Jewish movement in Black Lives Matter? We can go farther back to Jessie Jackson's Hymie Town comment... the contempt he felt for the Jewish children who risked their lives to sit with him at the "whites only" counter was palpable.
Dimi 26.08.2018
Fine. Believe it, don't believe it ? I really don't care enough about the topic to search any further. Look up "dormition" if you want to read more on it for yourself.
Salmaran 01.09.2018
"Just like theism in itself can't."
Nanris 05.09.2018
Whatever god you believe in, it sounds like a vindictive, fragile psychopath.
Meztit 10.09.2018
For anyone who has seen the movie Fast Times, there is a big difference between Vic Damone (Annoying, over confident, unfaithful) and someone who is an abusive rapist.
Kagarr 17.09.2018
As long as it isn't a former FALN terrorist.
Nigrel 19.09.2018
Paddock's brother, Eric seemed to rule out any ideological motive for his brother's actions. Asked if Stephen had been agitated about politics, he replied: "No religious affiliation. No political affiliation. He just hung out."
Mazahn 20.09.2018
I wish more were more like you. Realist's. ?? ??
Moogugrel 22.09.2018
Of course there might be atheists as you describe them, guess you fail to understand what atheism is, just that, lack of god in our lives the very same way lack of mini pink unicorns in our lives. No difference.
Dolkree 28.09.2018
Being ordered by god to massacre nations (including children) that have not been lucky to be his "choosen" is moral? All Abrahamic faiths are highly amoral. Of course they have thrown in one moral thing here and there. That is far for being moral.
Vobar 08.10.2018
And it is immoral to make a profit off sick and dying desperate people.
Dum 16.10.2018
My dad used to too...I was like it's a compliment LOL
Sakasa 20.10.2018
What did you do when he "apologized" for a random vagina devouring his weewee?
Tujinn 25.10.2018
I can't date you because the pit in my basement is already occupied. Lol jK
Yozshujin 01.11.2018
Is this where you attempt yet again to argue from epistemology to ontology?
Samunos 08.11.2018
By definition, undoing Obama's actions is good for the country.
Zukus 11.11.2018
Sounds quite Marxist
Faerg 13.11.2018
That's what you elitists get for flying all over the place!
Moogurg 16.11.2018
Bacon fixes everything
Akinris 18.11.2018
Racism is a very interesting peculiarity of the American society. It is quite an anomaly in the scale of the world history. There has never been a military conflict in history where the opponents were separated by the racial distinctions. In other multiracial countries different racial groups have been nicely coexisting for centuries. What is the origin of this anomaly in the US?
Tushura 23.11.2018
"Some do, some don't"???? How can that be, to be an Atheist one, simply, denies that there is a God - that is why it's called Atheism, re: Denial of God.
Nenris 28.11.2018
Funny...when I read your post, I'd just finished texting my daughter this: "The Universal energy is driven towards love and compassion...would that not be why we love our animal cousins?"


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