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What I said was, whether one believes in those philosophers or not are irrelevant. What they say needs to have merit and that merit must stand on its own. If they were telling me something as important as how to live my life, I would definitely demand more proof.

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Mia babyface nude photos
Mia babyface nude photos
Mia babyface nude photos
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Mazusho 12.05.2018
I think you're getting Antifa confused with Alt-Right, but that's okay. I can see how you would get them confused. Antifa are the cowards that loot and destroy property while covering their faces. Alt-Right are the cowards who murder people by driving cars into crowds.
Samumuro 18.05.2018
Mate, if you wan't to be taken seriously, you have to dress the part. I don't think any mature adult would argue otherwise.
Kigasho 19.05.2018
I like to say science and religion are born of the same thing. We wanted to understand the sun. Science represents an appropriate, methodical method for understanding such a thing whereas religion fantasizes about what things could mean without any grounding in reality whatsoever.
Mosar 29.05.2018
"Cogito ergo sum"
Babar 31.05.2018
It?s hard finding the good ones because the are not flamboyant, Loud, obnoxious, flashy, or arrogant. They slip right through our fingers because they are usually sweet, caring, laid back, chilled people, basic and has an uncomplicated nature. ????
Yorn 09.06.2018
Now I face a quandry because posting something laugh out loud funny is going to cause you pain until you heal.
Samugor 18.06.2018
I don't know how many people say it's a leap of faith. Those tend not to visit this channel were we reason together and the belivers here think they have a (logical) reason to believe. They may also be victim to societies current faible for scientific evidence.
Faezshura 20.06.2018
None of it.
Tojalabar 26.06.2018
Actually, having interfaced with more than a handful of believers, I can say that some, but not all, are quite unreasonable.
Yozshuk 03.07.2018
How do you know he's not a criminal? Do you know him? See, that's that BS...
Mar 08.07.2018
Heckno Earlier: "It wouldn't hold up in court;
Nat 09.07.2018
Muhammad said Jesus did not die, therefore Muhammad is not a reliable witness to history. Jesus who was in Palestine was killed by Romans in that the Jewish religious establishment wanted him dead for blasphemy. To Rome, he was a political problem, not a heretic.
Mikakazahn 10.07.2018
Like I said. No thank you.
Maujar 19.07.2018
Barely. If they are a fan and want to hear his music all they have to do his type his name and hit search. That's not really a hardship.
Gusida 29.07.2018
I see, so you finally admit you do have different standards for different people and would repeat information ...even if it would not hold up in court.
Zulujin 30.07.2018
Do you like sammiches?
Duran 01.08.2018
That's not very nice. I'm gonna have to do that to my kids
Taugul 07.08.2018
Oh yeah, somehow he got past my block and ran his mouth on another story I was posting on saying he busted me plagiarizing and how I could not be trusted. For that? His comment was removed.
Tygokree 12.08.2018
so far all you supply is HOT AIR, so....
Brarn 21.08.2018
just the usual..but it's not credible. once you see the video of that fruitcup adjunct professor you realize that any prosecutor has enough to charge him for incitement and felony brandishing.
Yocage 23.08.2018
Haha jae u ar cuteee
Kigazahn 26.08.2018
What? i'm sure those nails in your tires were blown there by the wind... again
Nigis 31.08.2018
One woman claimed that Brown took he up to a bedroom on the second floor of his one story house!
Tejind 09.09.2018
I got what you want. Come and get it.
Samusida 10.09.2018
You can't face facts.
Mazuru 15.09.2018
Yes, and that's super scary but it's nothing like the threat has turned into today. I mean, I was in school when Columbine happened. But it still wasn't like what it's like for kids today.
Kagajora 19.09.2018
Once it goes it will stay gone. It?s for weirdos.
Yozshutilar 23.09.2018
See what I mean Vern?
Mezishura 30.09.2018
Pfft. Oh, I can debate it. The problem is your tribe can?t come up with facts.
Voodoorg 10.10.2018
Same! I discovered it when I used to comment on CNN before they ditched Disqus.
Kaktilar 12.10.2018
When I first chatted with you, I was under the impression your working premise was (is?) something like reductive material. Is that so, or was I mistaken? Regardless, you seem like an open-minded explorer... which is about the best any of can hope to be, I think. BTW, I un-privated my account, which you'd mentioned before.


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