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It's practical *if* you rotate the stocks. There are many stories out there of adult children going to clean out their Mormon parents' homes and finding years of rotted, wasted food.

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Tauzilkree 15.05.2018
Saying people need to arm themselves because Trump Admin members are being heckled in public and denied service at a restaurant seem a bit 'overkill' (pun intended)
Faugami 22.05.2018
Yes, I would accept that as a restriction as it is using school owned equipment, typically used for official business. It also puts people in a position where they cannot just walk away from the exercise of free speech.
Vudojinn 29.05.2018
Earlier this week, I submitted this letter to the AJC. I was responding to the fragility of an industry and how easily businesses can pull up stakes and take off. The AJC ran an article about this ruling, how it was emboldening, the right to insist on religious liberty. Religious liberty allows discrimination, encourages hatred, and violence against gays. If we have religious liberty here in Georgia, it will affect the film, theater, and music; these are the industries I'm involved in.
Kajilkis 31.05.2018
From the article
Gozil 05.06.2018
"dim-witted" uh, no.
Douzahn 13.06.2018
Actually, quite the opposite, God created 'itself' within all life consciousness, individualized to encapsulate that consciousness within a single persona.
Shaktidal 20.06.2018
Thanks for your convoluted conclusion. What's wrong with a living wage law?
Karg 24.06.2018
If the lamp fell and hit something combustible (paper, cloth, etc) and simply set it afire by heat conduction, it wouldn't trip the breaker. Only an electrical issue in the lamp would (possibly). The best way to reduce this risk to to switch to LED light bulbs. They run much cooler than Incandescent or even CFL bulbs. They're also much more energy efficient and last a decade.
Arashiran 25.06.2018
Kobe? SMH, he lost in the Finals twice to two teams nowhere near as good as the Warriors. And he had Shaq in his prime.
JoJogrel 02.07.2018
Saw Avengers Infinity War this weekend. Didn't care for it that much. But then I didn't care for the comics that much either. It had some great moments, but there were some really annoying parts too.
Faesida 11.07.2018
Ok, he?s a Conservative, so you hate him. I get it. 10 Trudeau?s couldn?t fill his shoes. I don?t dislike Trudeau because he?s Liberal, I judge him based on his actions. If he operated in Canada?s best interests, I wouldn?t care what colour his party sports.
Mozragore 19.07.2018
So Harvard and the Boston Globe made the claims.
Mezirisar 23.07.2018
Good morning everyone!
Mazugami 27.07.2018
I am pretty good with the English language. I am not trying to reinterpreted it. You are because you don't like what it says.
Vudoshicage 06.08.2018
I love the history but I also love the legends. My grandparents (mostly the babas) believe in things like vampires and witches still. American doesn't have that anymore. I get homesick sometimes.
Fenribar 13.08.2018
well, I certainly think it is needed, absolutely. A parent is a child's most valuable teacher but I don't think that means people are inherently bad.
Ducage 19.08.2018
The physical world has a rational explanation and does not prove a god. I suppose that the early inhabitants who knew no better had to create gods to explain the things that they didn't understand and they created thousands of them.
Gulkree 22.08.2018
That's like asking about an asteroid. It may not be native to our planet, but if it crashes into it, it's still a natural phenomenon.
Zulkijind 26.08.2018
///Your entire post is unfounded. You are making a claim that Jesus could choose where to be born - what is this claim based on?
Shaktishura 28.08.2018
It's impossible to be a gay and a Christian because Christianity is against homosexuality it's written in the Bible "do not lay with s man as with a woman"
Sharg 02.09.2018
Me too. Had to reread to find it.
Shaktikree 08.09.2018
Nice quote. What other cute quotes can you cherry pick?
Nikozahn 09.09.2018
I've always thought the idea of saints was pretty strange. Granted, there are some people who have lived their lives in powerful ways in submission to Christ, but I don't think the "saints" should be glorified, nor do I think they would want it. We are called to bring glory to God, not to ourselves, and I think that glorifying saints would be a misdirection of this.
Kigale 11.09.2018
You claim to be outside of time and space and all-knowing? That's pretty arrogant.
Brarn 20.09.2018
So you don't care about the religious differences. What would be a line for you you'd not cross. Would you go to a Mormon church, Catholic, Orthodox, JW? Would you even go to a non-Christian Church?
Samushicage 24.09.2018
No. My FB has been blowing up with them.
Vudonos 03.10.2018
Wouldn't it be nice if everybody you disagreed with we just keep their opinions to themselves? Or would that be tyranny?
Kazigis 03.10.2018
and then to paise his christain ideals.. make me think really bad thoughts about the"conservative christian movement. theywould put david duke in office, if he could repeal roe vs. wade, and make homosexualy illegal again.
Zolorr 10.10.2018
It's actually quite odd when you think about it...some of my closest friends are people with polar opposite opinions... Yet they also have the same underlying values. You raise a good point mate.
Mikataur 13.10.2018
That?s literally, exactly what I said.
Shaktibar 20.10.2018
I was responding to the OP's existential question with reasoning I believe to be the best answer, and posted articles to you and others that show scientists who believe the same as I. Peer reviewed, scientific refereed? You're joking, right? Did you miss the point that we are talking metaphysics? I wonder why you wouldn't ask the OP for their " peer-reviewed scientific research published in scientific refereed journals" to their assertion that the existence of evil is reasoning enough for us to submit that there is no God?
Nabar 23.10.2018
I thought I had response here already.
Sazragore 25.10.2018
Don't expect republicans to address sentencing problems any time soon.
Feshura 01.11.2018
Yay conservatives! Good for you!
Zuzahn 02.11.2018
Do they prioritize any teachings over Jesus' teachings?


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