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Breast Obsessed 03 - Scene 14

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Tagul 24.07.2018
Actually in the original Greek it means assembly, not community. Specifically in reference to the Athenian assembly in use.
Faura 01.08.2018
wow... you make me weep for humanity.
Malasho 03.08.2018
Just like a good, little, brainwashed liberal.
Tujinn 06.08.2018
Those bakers and florists were willing to sell items to gay customers, thus it wasn't the customers they discriminated against. They simply did not want to participate in an event that they considered to be immoral according to their deeply held religious beliefs. There is no constitutional requirement to involve one's self in any public event.
Akira 15.08.2018
Don't know. But it appears that way since some parts of Africa and the Mid East still practice slavery. And before the White man came along many places were practicing ritual sacrifice and slavery. But the Enlightenment had more to do with the abolition of both than did Christianity.
Mazumi 16.08.2018
Toronto shouldn't have to bear the full cost--the national government needs to take a leading role.
Mazuk 20.08.2018
I watched some discovery show that said the earth could continuously support 2 billion. If true we are 5 billion over.
Dujin 24.08.2018
No, sir, it didn't.
Yojind 27.08.2018
One thing we must hold fast is that God gives us common sense and conscience. Judging from the concept of creation, Adam and Eve were created for child-bearing. So we can conclude that gay is very violate.
Molkree 03.09.2018
I somehow don't think you understood what it meant.
Shakanris 08.09.2018
Got my vote!
Kejin 17.09.2018
Following your logic, you are ripping me (the fact which can be clearly seen all around the thread) by assigning me attitudes I have never expressed (NEVER) because you are projecting your own problems.
Vudonris 21.09.2018
Nope, but ignorance & Trump supporter travel together.
Maujin 27.09.2018
And they deal with dangerous gang members and criminals every day.
Goltizahn 03.10.2018
Good question. I'm human, not perfect, make mistakes as others do. After a prolonged conversation with Atheists, unbelievers, liberals, democrats, etc., and their continued lack of logic, common sense, rational thought, and honesty, their marbleized thinking processes and childish behavior, I get tired.
Vudogar 13.10.2018
Even if it is a standard design, I hope that sincere Christians and other people who do not want to recognize homosexual "marriage" refuse to sell the cakes. If they do not know who is buying it, that is a different story. But if they know that it is for a homosexual "wedding," then they would want to refuse to facilitate the recognition and celebration of sin.
Danos 22.10.2018
stop proving him right ricky
Tusar 24.10.2018
69! Always remember me in 6-9!
Matilar 03.11.2018
Incest isn't allowed because of the genetic maladies that ensue in generations down the line.
Zulkibei 07.11.2018
Really? So when religious politicians pass laws based on their religious beliefs against homosexuality, against same sex marriage, AND THEY ADMIT THAT IS WHY THEY ARE DOING IT, why hey, we are not supposed to call them out right? We are not supposed to stand up to them right?


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