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Since you don't seem to grasp what Infinite means I felt the need to contrast that with finite. You still don't grasp the meaning of calling God Infinte.

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Zusar 29.03.2018
Although debatably the problem is less that those changes are happening as that we're failing to correct the assumptions underlying our economy to adapt to them. Specifically, our economies are built on the assumption that human labour is valuable. It's very possible that in as little as a few decades that will only be true in edge cases. Our economies aren't set up for a world where there are only jobs for 0.01% of people.
Douzahn 08.04.2018
please, cut and paste where I said you forced it
Digis 16.04.2018
The ones dealing with Paul clearly had the good sense to understand that blasphemy is a victimless crime..
Arashikinos 25.04.2018
Yes indeed, EVERY ~~~ **THING** ~~~ does "has a creator". LOL
Grolkree 03.05.2018
I see your white flag waving.
Guzragore 10.05.2018
Good sabbath to you.
Muramar 14.05.2018
That poor guy probably needed therapy after that trip LOLOLOL
Daicage 23.05.2018
One might argue that the wearing of burkas shows intolerance towards others, the ones unworthy of seeing the wearer's face.
Voodookora 31.05.2018
Evolution is a lie.
Gojar 06.06.2018
Toddlers also get to chemicals under the sink. Far more often than kids getting killed in schools. Kids also get hurt mis-using tools, and on a daily basis, driving cars.
Meshura 10.06.2018
I'm ok with girls working out around me. What I do not like is when they look at me like I'm some piece of candy or something.
Shakanris 13.06.2018
I found it yesterday and and was shocked by how it was left to fester to that extent. So much for caring about children, providing a safe environment and a haven for learning.
Malagar 18.06.2018
yes! accident prone people unite! lol i think the most recent embarrassing thing to happen to me was buying my bike. i bought one online and went to the store [performance bicycle] to try the model out. ....but as i mounted it and began to ride i quickly realized i had not ridden a bike since i was 15, aaaand proceeded to crash into the shelving display with bells and horns. so. much. chiming.
Kanris 21.06.2018
Hebrew slaves were told to get free. Not all slaves.
Tausho 23.06.2018
I had overweight cousins. They had overweight children. Now they (my cousins) have diabetes, cholesterol issues, and have had their stomachs stapled and breast reductions. Their children can look forward to that. This is not a genetics thing. Every time you eat at their house it is more than enough food and all processed and fattening. They actually bring cheese cakes and pastry when they visit. They are very very sweet women but they are fat by their own means. They wear Big Girl clothing and body positive stuff but they have had numerous surgeries because they are big girls. I don't think we should be mean to people and call them fat, but I also don't think we need to praise people's bravery because they were wiling to show their rolls on Instagram. There, I've said it. I'm mean.
Ditilar 25.06.2018
It is bogus to proclaim that a man preserving his faith and it being supported in our Court is going to result in killing people like me. Doesn't make any sense.


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