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Even worse : he talks about **knowing what ''god'' ''desires'' of us..

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Fenrik 07.06.2018
That I suggest was the result of better feeding.
Dakora 16.06.2018
It gets lost in the Disqus pile of threads.
Dajar 19.06.2018
Yes, but those "right" organizations were originally under the Democrat flag.
Mazugrel 21.06.2018
RA 1. I simply like to write down some aspects of my life story to remember what I have not thought about for years.
Akizuru 29.06.2018
There may some Christianophobia but at least in my circles it looks more like some Christians seeking some sort of martyrdom. They really don?t have any real complaint but think anyone asserting equal rights must be abusing them.
Maulmaran 04.07.2018
I prefer pairs.
Arazragore 10.07.2018
It is a special, pretend, made-up "right."
Nakazahn 14.07.2018
Yeah, she didn't post it. A patron likely posted it, but they didn't identify her either. Some students ended up finding it and realizing it was their teacher. Then the parents all went and looked at it, and passed it around.
Mazusida 22.07.2018
Ugh. Cherry pick my comment why don't you.
JoJobei 24.07.2018
If a person's morality does not come from Christianity, then believing Christianity to be false will make no difference to their morality.
Jumuro 29.07.2018
A cult is defined by following a man. Thwy follow one, but at least this one is brighter then previous ones since he finally figured when you're dead youre dead awaiting the resurrection and the life Jesus Christ to bring them to life again. Do people now get a refund for the billions of dollars they took for getting out of purgatory that they invented 1800 years ago due to the Babylonian invention (actually Satanic) of inherent immortality.
Duzragore 04.08.2018
Unless you are turdeau.
Balkree 05.08.2018
So let me get this straight. There are those of you who feel the bakers should be forced to bake the cake, set it up, and do everything even if they disagree with homosexuality for religious reasons? What should the punishment be for refusing?
Shakakree 11.08.2018
When you have no answer, dodge and weave. You would.make a good politician.
Taran 19.08.2018
It's getting taken care of. Thanks Ms. Gracie.
Mezigal 23.08.2018
"And as I said theism does and can not support morals either."
Togis 30.08.2018
A media study showed that 50% of coverage of Trump on Fox was negative - so how biased do you actually think they are?
Voodootilar 09.09.2018
They are in the town where I work but so are Buddha bowls. Not so much where I live though.
Fauk 12.09.2018
Men who judge women on their sexuality are ignorant buffoons. One thing that makes me near homicidal are men, especially men who are supposed to be objective, who blame a woman who has been raped, saying it?s her fault for her choice in clothing.
Daikora 19.09.2018
Given that formal marriage is at its core all about money or political alliances, and that the bride is not legally considered the property of her husband, why bother legally marrying at all? Maybe the average couple could have informal weddings (not legally binding) the way poorer people in medieval days did. They would have a huge, rambunctious party, say the vows, and when something happened, or the marriage otherwise went south, they could simply part ways and that would be that. Both husband and wife would be free to have another private wedding each if they wished. This practice was especially popular among Welsh coal miners in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Dougar 22.09.2018
had the Republicans been n charge I suspect the Democrats wouod be outraged, outraged I say.
Bakazahn 23.09.2018
In order to be a PAST-or wouldn't you at some point have been an 'or? ;-3
Fem 27.09.2018
You mean the ALLEGED post-death investment returns.
Dougis 29.09.2018
green would make a curious case study, then!


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