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Instinctively, the baby.
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No it hasn't, you just want lies and not news.
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The reality is you acting like a disingenuous person to advertise other threads is god here and now.
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Bottom line - You did not read the article before posting and you were called out by multiple users not just Hudson. Clearly, it's your fault you chose to post without reading not Hudson's. Frankly, you should consider moving along since you're only making yourself appear more and more foolish.
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Read up on extended synthesis.
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Grrrrrrr.......yes. Who knew my newspaper thing would draw just as much conversation. lol.
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Yeah but she'd know what her breasts do. Breasts work the same way.
Akiramar 20.04.2018
Which gays and lesbians subscribe to extreme Muslim views and are throwing straight people off rooftops?
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Very true - no argument there!
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During oral, the ability to dislocate your jaw drives the women folk really wild.
Dakinos 02.05.2018
Lol those are good too.
Vinris 04.05.2018
That's pronounced "Unicorn" :)
Shaktill 12.05.2018
i am wondering what paper he had in his possesion,and how his bid was made and accepted. how long did he wait before checking? why couldnt he cancel the check,or stop the money transfer? like i said, im going to look into it,cause im interested. [and nosey,and like to stick my big bazoo into stuff,lol]
JoJoll 21.05.2018
No effing kidding. It is too funny sometimes. I seemed to have triggered 3 of them at once. Might be a personal record.
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Not exactly. I was careful to say that he made it safe for said racist, misogynists and assorted white nationalist. You can be a Trump supporter and not be one of those ( I know plenty), but lets face it, if you are one of those, Trump's your guy. Ask not for whom the dog whistle blows, it blows for you.
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Osteoporosis will do that to you.
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Well that depends on one's definition of progress, doesn't it? Canada's brand of is measured by tax dollars spent, not on evaluation of outcome. The more money they spend, the more successful they claim it to be.
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Do I sense a little indignation? You have your comparisons backwards - I gave fine tuning as an evidence for an intelligent creator, not the other way around.
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You are making a fool of yourself here OU.
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No need to, you have clearly shown your self to be crazy.
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Sorry to disappoint you little bobby but I stick to RR. I'm sure you have multiple accounts. Hey, are you still uv yourself or did you move on from patting yourself on the back with every post?


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