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Sometimes I have a bad case of the stupids RR. I got my exports and imports mixed up. Canada is slapping a tariff on maple syrup, whiskey etc on American goods. This, of course will make Canadian products of these items much cheaper to purchase. Being from the west coast, I was of a mindset that maple syrup is strictly Canadian, but of course states like Maine must cut into domestic sales. But really there is no excuse for being really stupid Cheers

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Tojajar 11.04.2018
"If you worked harder, you wouldn't be poor. But anyway, here's some soup so I get into Heaven."
Vudosar 20.04.2018
Chicago and virtually every other liberal city have devolved into gladiator schools and homeless heroin junkie settlements. Evidence of the liberals real motive isn't to raise all ships but to force all to live at the lowest possible denominator.
Dalrajas 24.04.2018
Are you asserting that all the many millions of undetected and undetectable gods and goddesses actually do exist?
Salkis 25.04.2018
Really? I loved her. But yes I'm sure acknowlwdging his mother on this special day was important. Her sister also did a reading.
Samum 29.04.2018
It would be better if they focus on their own hate. Hard to be a useful member of the human race when you use your hate to do anything. If you work from a place of servitude, you have a better chance of helping to solve problems.
Kagar 30.04.2018
Lol I am the same. I need to be prepared.
Darn 09.05.2018
ok, how about this: Creation, resurrection, miracles, floods for starters
Mull 10.05.2018
I really doubt that, because he would be too busy speaking to others about God's Kingdom to be wasting time baking cakes.
Torisar 14.05.2018
Sorry, i was having too much fun
Mazugor 19.05.2018
Get it? She thanked you for the compliment.
Ketilar 20.05.2018
You're the one who kept begging for it.
Mut 29.05.2018
Is that a shitter ...?????
Dutaur 07.06.2018
You best read the verdict again if you think that?s what they said. They said the CCRC showed an impermissible hostility towards religion that negated the decision. So your premise is incorrect.
Gushakar 09.06.2018
this is a discussion board. You said something. I replied. Specifically said something about miracles happening if you do xyz... which to me is deplorable... here is how it sounds "I help people because I get miracles...."
Yozshukree 16.06.2018
No not all, a lot.
Tauzahn 22.06.2018
Did I say that? I hope you're smart enough to comprehend what you read.
Virn 01.07.2018
Groan. Satan, like your God and your Christ, are fairy tales. Your fairy tales are exceptionally dark.
Mazurg 07.07.2018
Back to the question, how is this MAGA was the question.
Kikasa 13.07.2018
But the two are not the same.
Kern 16.07.2018
You claim that yet can't show any.
Vigal 19.07.2018
I am off to prison for 45 years next week. ......BYE??????
Zuzragore 24.07.2018
Only to you, bud.
Vuhn 03.08.2018
"Do you honestly mean to say that the actions of this man were wholesome and well intentioned in nature? "
Tygotaxe 04.08.2018
"I find the dismissal of a Christians intellect the most disturbing."..... As you should.... Because MOST Christians Including "professional, highly educated &
Mazukora 12.08.2018
Really? How did you just use it then? Do explain because MY argument is far from it.


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