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Even as a Christian, I think Lee Strobel's work is rather weak. He heavily leans on only Christians throughout his book as his source of information: there's hardly any other view allowed and even then, it's filtered and explained away from a solely Christian platform.

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Gardabei 26.08.2018
adolescents are valuable commodities
Shanos 31.08.2018
I make it 7 in 1920 and that was an aberration. There were that many over the following
Kebar 04.09.2018
But God Himself doesn't confirm to laws of nature.
Akinorr 08.09.2018
Conservatives usually urge the most absolutely gradual incrementalism. So small a change you can't notice it!
Gardalkree 09.09.2018
He should appear now ...lol
Dailrajas 13.09.2018
"What else can Yahweh not do? Convince atheists? Take away free will? Defeat Satan? Overcome logic?"
Kazirr 16.09.2018
You pieces of shit called Obama every name you could think of and even made some up, so shut you cockhole, you hypocritical fuck.
Vudozuru 24.09.2018
That isn't what you said though.
JoJokree 04.10.2018
Yozshujin 14.10.2018
Laugh - THIS is where the Democrats are going. Soon, the medical community (as it stands under Obamacare and the present radical-leaning leaders of the fractured Party) will determine if and when an individual is "worth saving", or will cost the "system too much money; mush as it operates in other Socialist countries such as England. One day - THAT someone may be you or me. Me; I'll PASS. You can bet it will never happen to a member of Congress, or any other "member in good standing."
Malashura 19.10.2018
No, you don?t have it.
Tojazuru 28.10.2018
"I don't care right now about knives"
Zulkiran 07.11.2018
Autumn Kelly has seemed to have coped, but of course Peter Phillips has led a very different life. I guess Meghan has been given lots of advice and information about how her life will be, but agree Americans have a limited understanding of Royal protocol etc. I do hope things work out for them, I think it is breath of fresh air.
Gardazahn 17.11.2018
He is correct in his analogy. Which is why they saw other religions are a threat to their power.
Gajind 20.11.2018
do you ever tire of being so wrong?
Tojanris 25.11.2018
you are soo stirring it up,, arent you? lol
Gardabei 27.11.2018
Woah. This is so spot on it blew my mind.
Faet 01.12.2018
Barring cleanliness and safety issues, why the f/// should anyone get to decide what someone else's hair gets to be like?
Arakus 09.12.2018
I think it's right to question Doug's wherewithal to follow through but also the other party leaders (because the buck stops with them) and look at the team they have formed because the team will play a big role.
Mikataur 17.12.2018
Murderous, racist blacks are virtually never charged with their hate crimes, ya self loathing twerp.
Nikonos 20.12.2018
Kewl. I use it too. ALOT :)


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