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Man...lets see your fruits compared to this guys. How many have you saved? Don't avoid the question. How much (a lot or some or a little) do you sow into evangelizing the world?

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Datilar 19.03.2018
This is a tough call. If after the project is over and you do not take her on a nice vacation she is right. Talk to her. Keep talking to her. If you make plans and keep them you are only as good as you word.
Shajinn 26.03.2018
I am very concerned for you because you are seriously misinterpreting scripture. You?re are following in the missteps of the cults such as the Mormons and the Jehovahs Witnesses. We cannot become gods and we are not ?little gods.? Jesus did not become a god after He was begotten.
Kalabar 05.04.2018
"If you?re talking about salvation then yes, God gets all the credit for that because it?s a gift that only he can give. Wouldn?t make sense to thank someone else for it. " is a claim which "I have enough proof for me" doesn't verify and neither does your attempt to shoehorn philosophy and religion into a special corral. Spare us your sophistry.
Feshicage 07.04.2018
I am afraid you have incomplete idea what Sharia is. It is an all-encompassing Islamic way of life. All 5 Pillars belong to Sharia, food and apearance prescriptions belong to Sharia, everything Islamic is described in Sharia by the system of halal (allowed) and haram (prohibited).
Aralabar 11.04.2018
I really enjoy my sins and am rather proud of my vice collection.
Kazizshura 12.04.2018
- Populations have NOT become MORE genetically diverse across animals. They maintain about the same genetic diversity.
Zuzilkree 22.04.2018
"Outside" being the key words. I get tumble weeds if I brush our fur ball indoors.
Nekree 23.04.2018
These young children should not be exposed to this type of crap, they're way too young. These type of sessions confuse kids. Why don't we have the NRA go in and talk about guns, how about a wife swapping group going into teach the young kids about their lifestyle. If you don't see what's wrong with this your lights are out.
Kakasa 01.05.2018
I have read your discussions and they are ridiculous.
Nelkis 04.05.2018
Sorry... But the Cities are Mobilizing like never Before.... Doubt if this is Going to be a Repeat
Malarisar 05.05.2018
Once you drop the false accusation, then we can continue and not until then.
Shakabei 11.05.2018
Who in the world will believe that Peter is the ROCK? Another lie coming from the fake Roman Catholic Church. Why would Jesus take His BRIDE and place it upon a weak man like Peter who deny Jesus Christ more than once that would not be smart at all? Why would Jesus place the church upon a sinner like Peter? Many Christians will tell you that Peter is a little pebble and not the Rock. The Old and the New Testament will tell you that God has always been the ROCK. Because God has not sin and God is not weak. The Spiritual Church is built upon Jesus Christ the ROCK and not a sinful weak man like Peter. This is the other thing, The Roman Catholic Church, the Baptist Church the Unity Church in Christ and all these physical churches on earth are not the true CHURCH. On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit came down began living in the 25 to 30 Jews who accepted Jesus Christ in the upper room. Later the Holy began living in the few Gentiles that accepted Jesus Christ. When the Holy Spirit came down to earth He not live in all the Jews or all the Gentiles, only the Jews and Gentiles that accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. These two groups(the Messianic Jews and the Gentile believers who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior) make up the body of Christ or the Spiritual Church. It does not matter how many people called themselves Christians or how many people are members of the Roman Catholic Church or the Baptist Christ or any of these physical churches. If they do not have the Holy Spirit in them then they do not belong to God the Father or Jesus Christ and are not apart of the TRUE CHURCH.
Migal 16.05.2018
Ok, folks. I have an idea, but I want to keep it about silly stuff. I want to do a debate thread, but only about silly stuff, like waffles vs. pancakes. Who's in?
Takasa 19.05.2018
Ok. So what do these teachers teach?
Nidal 26.05.2018
You just claimed you had no clue what they were. Keep your story straight man, we can see it
Manris 02.06.2018
It is the same motivation we have now. While there may be a small subset of non-religious people who think having kids is a bad idea, the majority of us do have kids despite not believing in a god.
Shakam 11.06.2018
0.5/10 on the scale.
Kizshura 13.06.2018
Nigger please...plenty of companies have operations overseas.
Yozshujinn 17.06.2018
then read the text. either way...you and I have this time to prove it or not. consequences are coming either way too. natural law like any other law will have its end. its separation from God, from Holy. thats all Hell is...sep from God.
Goshakar 26.06.2018
RA1. He spoke the spiritual language as do others that speak in ?tongues? .
Faeran 03.07.2018
... nothing to bear, as expected, just more religious propaganda..
Vilkis 06.07.2018
The one I see the most threads made about is ?You can?t prove god, so that proves there?s no god?.
Nak 09.07.2018
This isn't sparring, Snowflake. This is you showing how ignorant you are about science.
Brashakar 13.07.2018
"It's not like we can't choose."
Yozshucage 21.07.2018
wouldn't you think then even killing during war is wrong?


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