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Yeah like Roseanne LOL

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Give a girl a orgasm
Give a girl a orgasm
Give a girl a orgasm
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Dadal 25.04.2018
You always post good topics Class.
Groshicage 29.04.2018
Right, well, for what it's worth, here's my take on your musings:
Mijar 05.05.2018
What is your position on how life came to be? I am suggesting its appearance, like the appearance of, for example, hydrogen, was implicit in the big bang. Not accidental but per the "dna" of our Universe (more than that). We know now for example that it can exist, indeed, thrive, around supertoxic extremely high pressure superheated volcanic vents in the ocean floor where no biologist thought possible. So the old definitions are no longer flying, as we previously discussed.
Kajizilkree 14.05.2018
The Religious Origins of Manifest Destiny
Nijas 23.05.2018
Just trying to play devil's advocate here.
Kijar 23.05.2018
Lol. Stop while youre ahead
Taur 30.05.2018
Nah, it?s cool.
Brak 06.06.2018
Sometimes not. Who knows.
Gukora 10.06.2018
Not boycotting. Just showing up in a MAGA hat or shirt and ordering some bad azz chicken. As I said, I will remove the hat once inside because I respect manners. I will pay in cash and eat that chicken on the sidewalk like the locals do.
Mikashura 16.06.2018
What is your favorite movie? What high school did you graduate from?
Grocage 21.06.2018
These nonexistent characters certainly have a life of their own.
Kazrazil 27.06.2018
When that old inferiority complex raises its ugly head . . .
Nikozshura 05.07.2018
Well sure. But to say that because scientists MIGHT be wrong, that we shouldn't listen to them, is just palpable stupidity.
Bakus 12.07.2018
Replace "religion" with "answers" and I'll agree with you. Primitive people weren't just making up religions for religion's sake. They saw natural phenomenons that they couldn't explain. Religions filled that void of unknown.
Nizilkree 20.07.2018
Are there women who would use being a woman as an excuse to get out of stuff? Sure, but they are few and far between, and to use the 1% (if that) of women who do that to represent all women in the military really pisses me off. So many women bust their ass to prove that they belong, and all that falls to the wayside because of a couple of assholes.
JoJolkree 27.07.2018
Can't be because of what she said.
Vum 28.07.2018
Oh, oh, me, me! Is it, hypocrisy? :)
Yogami 03.08.2018
LMFAO. Ok, that is your opinion and you are welcome to it. But let me give you an example of what Disqus does.
Mebar 06.08.2018
I could have said so to your comment...
Goltijar 15.08.2018
Christianity has the same underpinnings. Exposture to secular law and culture has dampened it down.
Jutilar 23.08.2018
No one around Trump has been preparing since 1948, that's your fantasy.
Tegar 01.09.2018
Meanwhile Israel and the US spend billions to rape, pillage and burn to the ground third world countries, billions more are spent promoting sex trafficking, the drug trade, black market weapons sales and corruption in banana republics and secretly financing terrorists at home and abroad.
Zulugami 01.09.2018
He went to jail. The courts found him to be a taxpayer. I will defer to them until corrected.
Guran 10.09.2018
Great. What im saying is, those that don't should not be made to.
Mushakar 16.09.2018
what pajamas? not kidding.
Zujinn 25.09.2018
"My point was that as Christianity was man made then we can obvious create another religion. "
Toktilar 28.09.2018
Dont...... some would agree in all seriousness.
Durisar 03.10.2018
I turned them all off in September, 2016.
Niramar 13.10.2018
Contradiction adds no information.
Samular 23.10.2018
LOL, with any struggle between the corporations or government, government will always win. Think GM. Or Hillary getting "protection money" from Wall Street. The government controls that relationship, keeping small businesses down because big ones are easier to control and more compliant. Only takes a few strokes of the pen to end that and move towards a leftist paradise. All over the developed world, governments make it harder and harder for private industry to survive. who takes over then? Government.
Mikalar 31.10.2018
Obama did nothing
Kalrajas 06.11.2018
or, you simply refuse to believe what someone tells you.. Perhaps that's a reflection of your biases.


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