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Stepping well aside from the word feminism and literally any discussion thereof, I will weigh in on the 'why do folks judge other folks' part.

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Girls doing it tgps
Girls doing it tgps
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Dumi 25.07.2018
And yet you are okay with these kids parents putting them there.
Kegor 27.07.2018
How is this MAGA?
Groshura 02.08.2018
Not surprised that you exhibit as much class when you win as when you lose. You are consistent if nothing else.
Tujora 08.08.2018
People have used the same surgeon as a friend and ended up getting botched. You still have to do your research.
Nikonos 17.08.2018
That should surprise no one. Houses around here are starting to sell in weeks, not months
Talar 22.08.2018
I see him more as Barney Fife
Mezile 26.08.2018
As long as you are not symptomatic it probably wasn't that bad. Have you seen a cardiologist? Had a stress test?
Kagakora 05.09.2018
seems you are trolling today? do you have a point?
Tauran 05.09.2018
What do you think MRSA stands for?
Viran 13.09.2018
"Alive and breathing" is an expression. Actually, it was in NOVA. I didn't take it literally, but I context with the program, it made perfect sense.
Arazil 14.09.2018
It?s Thursday. You missed a day again
Daikinos 22.09.2018
Anyone want to adopt a 59 year old woman? Anyone? She's free to a good home.


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