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Martinis are easier to make...but they taste very different. A taste for gin is required, and not everyone shares that.

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Fuck the system hoffman
Fuck the system hoffman
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Kajik 16.03.2018
False, because God is too intelligent to make a square circle.
Vudomi 19.03.2018
Saying all species are related is just another way of saying we are all descended from a common ancestor, so I don't see your issue with me answering the question you asked me.
Voodoomuro 28.03.2018
This statement does not help at all
Zulkitilar 03.04.2018
You really know how to sweet talk a lady, Tim! *swoon*
Kagatilar 10.04.2018
I am reading his book currently
Gonris 14.04.2018
The only thing I have ever been able to come with for a reason for people to be extreme anti abortion is fear. They fear what will happen. They fear the "government" taking over their roles as parents, they fear that if they arm their children with knowledge and condoms that it is the same as telling them to go screw whatever moves.
Douk 23.04.2018
Haha you have no facts.
Nikoshicage 02.05.2018
You can pick the perversions, but it changes nothing, of course. You can find parents who sexually abuse their children, but to say parenting is something bad and children should therefore be raised by the state or community would be fatuous.
Faer 03.05.2018
Colleges need less Simona Sharoni and more Jordan B. Peterson.
Voodoolabar 05.05.2018
Only God knows everything. Why do you expect humans to be omniscient?
Mamuro 09.05.2018
Computation stands on three legs, not two: Hardware, software and data. Each plays a distinct and necessary role.
Ganris 20.05.2018
Oh... Like... Heh Ambien makes me read innuendos everywhere...
Tukree 21.05.2018
I don't plan on never taking vacation, I am just delaying it till this project is ready it needs a couple more days... but that's enough to make her go nuts.
Akilabar 30.05.2018
I've often wondered how many people comment on Disqus but have no idea about these channels, and then how many don't even know Disqus exists
Mooguzshura 02.06.2018
Sure, it's fine for you to go there if you want, I just don't happen to be interested in some generic discussion of new findings invalidating a theory. Today I'm interested in the OP and the statistical analysis that it describes. You don't have to be interested, that's fine, but it is the OP, after all.
Kagagal 05.06.2018
No. Rather, going down the road where you select which scientifically verifiable human should be granted human rights and which should not is both dangerous and despicable. Starting to rank scientifically verifiable humans as "more human" or "less human" has been shown to lead to tragedy and terror. Historically, it hasn't been a slippery slope, but a cliff.
Gokree 08.06.2018
It should. But most religious types tend to believe that freedom of religion means religion is supreme.
Gubei 10.06.2018
What does RELIGION have to do with this OP?
Gagul 18.06.2018
If you have made up your mind not to believe in God, then it's none of my business to be judging you or throw or throwing stones at you.
Fektilar 22.06.2018
I did answer the question, hence my inquiry to your ability to understand English. As my answer was clear and direct, and yet you asked again it would indicate that your English level is limited. Or maybe something else.
Akim 28.06.2018
I have no idea why you want to discuss the grammar of other languages.


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