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NOW you're starting to understand! The tax-payers got sick and tired of watching the money we pay get wasted, thrown away, pissed down a drain. The tax-takers are now getting all pissy because the free ride is over.

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Free wallpapers of naked girls
Free wallpapers of naked girls
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Akijar 24.02.2018
thought you people believed in womyns rights.... you know, western values???
Zulkitaur 01.03.2018
Is Merriam Webster an authority you can have faith in?
Kazrakinos 09.03.2018
"the link contained a statement from someone who was not there;"
Yobei 14.03.2018
My eight grade science teacher said in class one day "all religions are man made crap". That was around 1963. I was already ahead of her by then. Religions should not be allowed in public schools.
Nehn 24.03.2018
Anything else would be insane. A company has no religion, people who work there and own it have.
Faelkis 02.04.2018
Ah right. So nothing to do with a god at all.
Gardajora 04.04.2018
I would love to slap the taste out of this jerks mouth.
Vukasa 08.04.2018
Although the rapture isn't mentioned. There are parts of the Bible that illustrate the second coming of Christ.
Nikree 14.04.2018
Yes. The utility is assumed to be the objective standard, and a set of rules is derived to get our behavior as close as possible to that standard.
Mezigrel 16.04.2018
What does it matter what words are used to describe marriage? It is the same institution regardless of the sex of the participants.


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