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Well, tell me how I should read "majority christian leaders (not liberals or progressives)" other than "the set of 'christian leaders' and the set of the union of 'liberals' and 'progressives' is disjoint."

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Kazrakree 10.04.2018
Good stuff as long as life treats ya right. all's well with the world. Well except Taco Bell nothing will be right with Taco Bell
Fauzilkree 15.04.2018
Is an unwritten rule or custom an authority?
Dimuro 18.04.2018
Sarcasm doesn't translate well over written text.
Meztigrel 26.04.2018
And those sisters and nieces came from where?
Nadal 29.04.2018
Well it's a good thing Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex are there to all show us how virtuous people are pure until marriage!
Fenrigore 03.05.2018
that's how you interpret it. Others may take it literally. That's exactly the problem.
Faesho 07.05.2018
Your contention remains shallow and ignorant.
Kagadal 09.05.2018
That's some creative a$$ stuff right there
Maukora 18.05.2018
It doesn?t. It talks about and forbids paganism, and all forms of heathenism. Halloween is within these context and is condemned. That?s old and new testaments.
Samukus 25.05.2018
But they LITERALLY are.
Mukasa 03.06.2018
Her face in the video looked really underwhelmed but of course she stood by her man and defended his proposal.
Dourg 05.06.2018
probably pulled down due to the legion of people out there with tight sphincters, enlarged outrage glands and no sense of humor.


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