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Gukasa 19.05.2018
It's not just themselves calling them that. That's a commonly accepted description for black Americans by all Americans. They are called that for the same reason that Americans who are ethnically Polish are called Polish Americans and Americans who are ethnically Italian are called Italian Americans. As with African Americans, the name indicates their origins before they came to America.
Zurr 21.05.2018
It was in the OT as well, God does not count the unborn as people. And a fetus is not a child.
Kazijinn 22.05.2018
Actually you are having a hard time comprehending.
Shagal 26.05.2018
Doubling down on your dishonesty, eh? Makes me wonder if you actually wrote the article you claim to have written.
Kazrarisar 02.06.2018
The Bible also was written by men who had NO understanding of the human genome.
Arazragore 06.06.2018
OMG... calling me out. Smh.
Shami 08.06.2018
It is God's will that must be done. You, like all non-believers, need to accept that.
Net 13.06.2018
You can conflate what you wish, as I will as well. Believe me, this shit will last until we get to appoint a SCOTUS judge, unless some other asshole republican steals it. Then, it's gone. This travel ban is as useless as your president, and does nothing but reduce America's respect in the world, the same thing your president accomplishes.
Dikasa 22.06.2018
I do not care about your delusions. Your lack of belief will not change reality; and, reality doesn't look very good for you, right now.
Goltishicage 29.06.2018
Tristan Thompson wouldnt have an 88 million dollar deal because HES NOT WORTH $88 MILLION DOLLARS! Tristan is represented by Klutch Sports which is owned by Lebron so hows that for nepotism? Lebron gets paid on the back end.
Kagagor 05.07.2018
Can?t be, they are not real sciences.
Kakinos 07.07.2018
I mean I am a direct person...if someone is talking to you about marriage and you have concerns or fears...speak up
Met 07.07.2018
Oh I wasn?t sure .


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