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Not really. Most people have found that God doesn't just stay in a church. I see most churches now are a social structure. Like minded people coming together for a social gathering. People have found that God doesn't care if they drink and have sex or go dancing so they don't need a church.

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Fenrigor 05.03.2018
He asked a good question. But again, he didn't claim that all Christians/Muslims were immoral. He asked how they can be considered moral if they follow their respective holy books to the letter, considering these holy books are not moral books with good, moral guidelines. They're awful books with awful rules for an awful, barbaric time.
Grotilar 15.03.2018
Today many years ago Today Tex's mom brought joy to a future LS. Happy birthday!
Mijin 21.03.2018
Or you are just a fuckface trying to correct gram are onn public forums.
Akinonris 30.03.2018
Well luckily I have chest pillows.
Yozshutaur 03.04.2018
Wasn't meeting me for an interview no.
Shajinn 13.04.2018
There isn't a law that does that. I challenge you to find me one.
Najin 15.04.2018
I have no issues with "criticism" especially when it comes to governments and their blind followers no matter their allegiance. In fact, more the merrier to educate the ignorant. However, I don't see where it's used here.
Mit 20.04.2018
You will forgive me if I consider you an unreliable source of information on this matter.
Mozilkree 22.04.2018
Here's the benchmark.
Gardarn 28.04.2018
If you feel the political position you hold is the correct one. Why would you need to lie or purposely give incorrect info.
Vosho 02.05.2018
She absolutely stood by her husband.
Gardakus 06.05.2018
Common sense middle of the road thinking, actually. It is what Ontario wants after 15 years of malfeasance. We deserve nothing less after two criminal investigations and constant war with the AG.
Fedal 16.05.2018
" every few months."
Dikus 20.05.2018
I am confused as to what percentage of kids being "abused" is acceptable to you. Obama admitted that kids were separated when he was president. You feel separation is child abuse. Felons are regularly separated from their children when sentenced to jail. So what percentage is ok with you? Really Really simple question.
Kajisida 23.05.2018
I know you aren?t the least bit interested.... so weird to think about you being converted to Christianity ??? Lol I don?t know why I?m thinking about that lol
Akigar 01.06.2018
Also, do you plan to block everyone who disagrees with you? I have been nothing but civil.
Malkis 10.06.2018
What I'm curious about is why dws ran interference for Awan. What was in it for her?
Vudolkree 19.06.2018
Just as long as when others start refusing service to other political activists or hunting down congressional aides at their home there isn't hypocritical whinging from the left.


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