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Free cartoon sex comics
Free cartoon sex comics
Free cartoon sex comics
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Grot 15.06.2018
What science in the Bible?
Makasa 23.06.2018
No, the reason why it is legal and constitutional is because SCOTUS said so.
Narn 29.06.2018
saying no, is not a valid substantive argument... explain yourself..
Voodoolmaran 03.07.2018
I see nothing offensive.
Kajir 11.07.2018
Haven?t there already been several investigations into Clinton and nothing happened ? When will you get over it
Zulum 13.07.2018
They are so awesome
Tozil 14.07.2018
Dear Epicurean pariah, thanks for the effort you put into defining your method and perspective.
Bakinos 18.07.2018
I'm posting on the internet. You are free to ignore me.
Dout 23.07.2018
I like what Gloria Steinem says about abortion:
Tojamuro 29.07.2018
There is no evidence for that assertion. In any case it should only ever be performed for medical reasons in hygienic conditions.
Megrel 02.08.2018
How about 35 and a win
Kigalabar 07.08.2018
"It'll soon be obvious to the atheist". Again we have this phoney melding of atheism and evolution. How many time must it be said that evolution has nothing to say about the existence or non-existence of a god. It is silent on the matter.
Kataxe 08.08.2018
Chris is an atheist.
JoJomi 15.08.2018
Cite me one instance of religion ever having proved up its claims.
Jusar 19.08.2018
Atheism is not a thing that can be believed.
Kigalrajas 23.08.2018
and yet you will base life decisions on Anonymous
Mazukus 29.08.2018
Ralph was as far away from Redfraud as McCarthy was to Stalin. Ralph got the province out of debt, Redfraud put us back into debt and Notley has made it unbelievably worse.
Voodootaxe 07.09.2018
Nah, church in Norway did not lose 25.000 members in one month. They lost them loooooong ago. That was just moment when this become official. I guess you are not bothered when small children become members of some church, particularly yours, without having any idea about?


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