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Some of those times were funny so I might write some of them if I am asked. She had also been teenn author of a blog which had proclaimed rather more extreme views and included entries which discussed a diverse range of subjects including the evolutionary obsolescence of the male gender, matriarchal political systems, the benefits of enforced male chastity and sterilization and the removal of a male voting privileges.

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The little Himmler is going on tour I hear? Maybe he can convince some more companies to stop donations to Planned Parenthood like he did with Publix?

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Akizuru 01.03.2018
"But most NRA activists are not interested in responsible gun ownership."
JoJozuru 07.03.2018
I'd be all "omg should I tell her? Surely she's smart enough to understand on her own? SURELY?"
Goltilrajas 12.03.2018
If you agree that it is a construct, then your point becomes a lot less effective.
Mekora 18.03.2018
More poor spelling...too funny!
Kazragor 20.03.2018
I think the harassment and assault some women in the military endure makes it all balance out.
Shaktira 29.03.2018
We're talking about PUBLIC COMMERCE, Gillette. You like to overlook the fact that a PUBLIC business open to the PUBLIC must serve ALL of the PUBLIC by LAW.
Mijinn 07.04.2018
it comes from the link I provided below.
Vudolabar 16.04.2018
What about coke zero eh? Need I say anymore!
Mosida 26.04.2018
But not better stars
Sadal 02.05.2018
You wash out your dirty mouth! I personally cannot stand blended, it's crap!
Kazigami 08.05.2018
Star 69 homie!
Shakam 19.05.2018
your welcome, if you need to cry, i am right here for you
Nem 28.05.2018
I'm glad to see you finally embrace your "Crone-iness" ;)
Nebei 03.06.2018
Creationism is not against evolution. Even YECers believe in rapid evolution.
Kejar 08.06.2018
I did so too
Tegor 13.06.2018
You are a camel.
Mezizshura 18.06.2018
Freedom is freedom. The right to practice religion is a derivative of freedom itself. Practice religion all you want.
Malagor 24.06.2018
I have a cousin who in all essence used abortion as a form of birth control throughout her teen ad. By the time she was 19, she admitted to having more than a handful of abortions.
Vogrel 29.06.2018
Atheists propose that you prove your claim of an objective "God" with objective evidence. It's often the case that disagreement arises about what "objective evidence" really is, of course, but this is a disagreement with real solutions. Asserting existence itself is evidence for "God" is a good example, since it so often comes up. This is not
Mogami 09.07.2018
What book do I serve?
Mell 14.07.2018
True...I suggest the minority, if not a feeble, apathetic bunch lacking intestinal fortitude, selectively blind by choice in the most ardently denied self serving ways...but I digress. IF HER boyfriend is of the ilk you describe...THAT should be made clear/patently apparent based on his reaction to being apprised of what occurred...coupled with whether or not this involves a group of decent actors or sociopaths. lol
Daitilar 17.07.2018
Sad but true. Thank you for your thoughts, Butt ???????
Arakazahn 21.07.2018
If you are reading the Bible to reaffirm your idea of a monster, just read the
Taum 24.07.2018
Wow, that is a fascinating argument.
Nimi 25.07.2018
I think you have to stop commenting for 30 days.
Dizil 25.07.2018
SCREW YOU you racist shit sucker!
Dim 03.08.2018
Me neither. Though we do see a lot of lgbtq groups trying their damnest to let everybody know they are gay including little kids. Should you have a problem with that or disagree you're the bigot. Its so fvcking hypocritical i cant stand it.
Mezinris 05.08.2018
People are dumb.
Moogushakar 14.08.2018
Vileness of humanity? Made in the image of god? Interesting.
Grojas 22.08.2018
Yes. The problem is geologist will be scratching their heads trying to figure what happened to all the evidences of recurring global disasters.
Goltigar 26.08.2018
I have forgotten more than you will ever know.
Brajar 02.09.2018
That's ray-cist. /sarc


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